A pocket knife comparison tool - need photos!

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A pocket knife comparison tool - need photos!

Postby cjamoody » Thu Jan 06, 2022 12:45 pm

Hi all

I've been a bit busy this holiday season building a website that hopefully might end up being useful for the knife collecting community.

I've often found side by side comparisons useful in reviews, as seeing a new knife next to one in my own collection helps put in perspective the size and shape differences.

The difficulty is finding specific combinations of models, or certain views, even more so when it's two different brands.

So I've put together www.pkct.info - it's a very basic site (I'm totally not a Web developer) with the premise of you can choose two different models, and then choose to view the left or right side, open or closed... Displayed at scale. See below for an example:


The scale bit is the key. I've come up with a method and process so that knives photographed on a 2cm grid end up being displayed at the same scale on the website. This way a knife that is 50% bigger than another one, will display 50% bigger etc.

I'm after feedback, and more importantly, submissions of spyderco knives. I've exhausted my own collection, and I have to admit spyderco was a driving force for the website as I tend to find the sheer number of models and subtle variations between them are a bit confusing at times! A localish knife shop is going to let me photograph their stock next month, but they don't stock spyderco, so I'm posting here for hopefully some community contributions.

So yeah, please check out www.pkct.info if it sounds interesting to you, or if you think you might be able to help out with photos... Its a simple process, 4 photos of a knife, placed either on a print out of a grid (from the website) or on 5 or 10mm graph paper. I handle the rest of the processing!

Thanks all


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