Double Stuff 2 shout out!!!

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Double Stuff 2 shout out!!!

Postby cycleguy » Sun Oct 03, 2021 1:40 pm

Just tuned up three knives with the Double Stuff 2 - an Endura ZDP 189, Salt 2 LC200N, and a promo china knife with no steel references on it.

I used the sharpie on the edge method and went at it. Set the stone on the edge of the table so my hand had ample clearance to maneuver the knife about the stone since it doesn't sit very high off the table surface. I had all three knives slicey thru paper in very little time which is outstanding results for my level of sharpening skills. Two were sticky/biting in my nail across the full length of the edge and the other was mostly that way with a few small areas where it was more scraping than biting (I'll work to improve this next tune up).

I did all three knives dry but wonder if you are supposed to run this combo stone wet? or if it matters?

Used the non-logod side of the leather case for a strop (a step I usually don't do) on one of the knives.

I see lots of comments on the Sharpmaker so I wanted to give this one a plug of positive commentary as it may be getting overlooked as a very useful sharpening tool. :respect

So many knives - so little funds!!!

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