Mixed grinds?

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Mixed grinds?

Postby Josh Crutchley » Tue Aug 24, 2021 11:43 pm

I've heard talk of mixing a hollow and full flat grind. Not really sure what the benefit would be it had me curious and I'm not one to wait around for answers.
A few months ago I bought a bunch of Spyderco parts on Ebay including several blades that where heat treated. I've been using those blades to practice regrinding. Right now I'm working on making a mini-Para3 just for fun. The blade starting out as hollow ground and it'll become ffg when I'm done. Since I'm doing one side at a time I couldn't help but to play around with it half hollow and half ffg but can't really tell cutting cardboard with such a small blade. Maybe a larger blade would make it standout more. Does anyone have experience with mixed grinds and is there a benefit?

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