SmallFly 2 almost a direct EDC replacement for a Manix 2 LW??

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SmallFly 2 almost a direct EDC replacement for a Manix 2 LW??

Postby Ez556 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:50 pm

The SmallFly 2 is definitely the knife I am most excited about in the most recent reveal. I like the utilitarian blade, as I wanted a balisong I can EDC. That got me looking at the specs of my current EDC, a Manix 2 LW, and I realized it is a pretty direct competitor in many of its specs. Here's some of them, SmallFly shortened to SF, Manix to M...
Blade length:
M - 3.37"
SF - 3.37"

Edge length:
M - 2.88"
SF - 3.00"

Blade thickness:
M - 0.125"
SF - 0.125"

Closed length:
M - 4.66"
SF - 4.5"

Overall length:
M - 8.03"
SF - 7.60"

M - 3 oz
SF - 3.3 oz

So based on the specs, the SmallFly has the same exact blade length, but packs more edge length, all the while keeping a smaller overall package and is only 0.3 oz more than a Manix 2 LW, and both have a wire clip. This makes me really excited to get my hands on a SmallFly 2!
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Ti is uh, 300 dollars.

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Re: SmallFly 2 almost a direct EDC replacement for a Manix 2 LW??

Postby Abyss_Fish » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:11 pm

Maybe if it got more steel options and was less expensive. The manix is one of the most versatile models in the lineup and I doubt this bali will steal any of it's spotlight.

I do dig the smallfly 2 though. I await steel options :p
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