Cricket Bushings/Washers

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Cricket Bushings/Washers

Postby BOOG » Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:57 pm

First time poster...

I recently took the plunge into Spyderco after being a long time (25yr) Emerson and Benchmade user. In the last few weeks I’ve managed to acquire a Cricket and Para 3 (s110v) for my EDC lineup, and a Dragonfly Tattoo for my daughter for a Christmas gift.

My question concerns the Cricket. When I disassembled for cleaning/lubricating I thought it was odd that there were two phosphor-bronze bushings on the left side and only one on the right side. Was there supposed to be another where there’s one, is there supposed to be one where there’re two, or is it supposed to be one and two per side respectively?

I was very careful and methodical through my procedure in order not to mix screws and washers into different holes than original manufacturing assembly. The blade is rubbing against the left scale and already showing signs of misalignment on the blade finish, and this was before I disassembled it.

Thank you for taking the time to address my inquiry. I look forward to hearing back with your findings.


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