Molecular Assembler made.

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Molecular Assembler made.

Postby SpyderEdgeForever » Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:03 am

I was wondering if anyone else here would have noticed it but I will post this:

Scientific technological folks in Germany have made a functional molecular assembler that uses mechanical force at the molecular level to bond molecules.

Traditional synthetic chemistry was and is based on what amount to large assemblies of molecules being randomely collided, and some reactions bond, but there are alot of unwanted side-reactions. That is why there is waste. For example, with polymer chemistry, the chemical engineers get the polymers but there are many unwanted side reactions that have to either be flushed away or recycled.

The biological world uses mechanical molecular enzyme proteins to make precise structures such as amino acids and other things that form into functional materials and machines.

Even when pharmaceutical chemists make designed molecules for medicines, there are still unwanted side reactions. That is why medications have side-effects. Because while the targeted molecule goes to the targeted area, they also bond with other receptors and areas.

True Mechano Chemistry, true Molecular Assembly, is where we make machines that precisely bond only those molecules (and ultimately atoms) we want to bond and none other. A place for every atom and every atom in its place.

This is a major milestone but it is also another early step. More needs to be done. The eventual goal is to get to the point where there are molecular manufacturing machines that function similiarly to man's industrial machines such as robot arms and mills and the rest.

This leads to full function replicators.

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