Jus to say Hello, share a story of my first Spyderco knife, and ask for suggestion.

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Jus to say Hello, share a story of my first Spyderco knife, and ask for suggestion.

Postby smitnkp » Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:51 pm

Hello from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m very new here and would like to share my story of my first Spyderco Knife, and ask for some suggestion.

I do some gardening around my house regularly and I was looking for folder that I can operate one handed for quite a while. All I folder I own at that time (3 SAKs and a Leatherman Super Tool) can’t be operated one handed and it’s king of annoying that I have to take my glove off everytime I just want to cut something. So I did some research here and there but It’s quite difficult in my country to get a “good” folding knife as it is not a common thing here in Thailand, though we have cheap crappy knifes all over the night market and a shopping mall. Knife shop basically not exist in my country (though there are some online shop but I like to handle real thing before I purchase), only camping or tactical shop sell good ones and choices (models and brands) are quite limited in each shop.

Luckily, I made my decision to get an Endura 4 (SG) and a tactical shop close to my house is a Spyderco distributor in my country. Early last year I went to the shop but it’s out of stock, they had only 3 Enduras they had at that time, Titanium, Stainless and Trainer models. I was a bit disappointed, but the owner kindly let me play with other models, Of all those I like Pattada the most but the it’s out of my budget, Polestar fit my hand very well, the size and the price is just right. Then I look at PM2 and though, let’s see what the hype is all about, few minutes later went home with a PM2 in my pocket. I like it very much, I think it looked cool and is an excellent functional designed knife. I love my PM2 to death and I plan to get the one in DLC and hopefully the M390 (other models are on my list too).

I started a hobby of knife designing a bit more than a year ago, at he end of 2017, I don’t produce any knife as I’m nether a knife maker nor an engineer and I don’t have any knowledge, tool or capacity to do that. I only do some sketching then messing around in 3D software to see how the result of my I idea would look like and I’ve just create a Facebook Page for that. I’d been recently working on three projects based on compression lock, out of curiosity, but I didn’t show those design to anyone except very few of my close friends. I’m not sure I should show them to anyone but to Spyderco people, as they are based on Spyedrco patented locking system and Two of them are with an idea about derivation of the compression lock that I would really like to share and discuss with someone. I don’t know where to start or who I can talk to about this as my friends aren’t kinfe guy at all. I’m very new here, please forgive me if I post this in the wrong forum. Could someone give me any suggestion?

Thank you Spyderco for such an excellent knife, and very big thanks in advance for any suggestion.


My PM2, I use it a lot and sharpen it quite a bit as the edge chipped early on in my use and I broke the very tip of the blade twice (I end up with 2-3 mm. shorter blade after sharpening).

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