Waterway construction question.

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Waterway construction question.


Post by Laurarium »

A friend of mine want to modify the waterway to a shorter edc knife, and part of the plan is to grind the handle shorter.
In order not to compromise its structral intergrity, he would like to know the location of the blind pins, therefore avoid them as much as possible.
Can anyone kindly share the picture of the tang of the waterway, thanks. :bug-red-white
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Re: Waterway construction question.


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Re: Waterway construction question.


Post by RazorSharp86 »

Sounds to me like Spyderco should just make a smaller, edc sized Waterway. =)

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Re: Waterway construction question.


Post by Mk-211 »

This is from blade forums, the pics show the tang.

https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/wip ... d.1744969/
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