Screw construction stainless Byrds

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Screw construction stainless Byrds

Postby Frozenspyder » Mon Aug 05, 2019 10:29 pm

I recently noticed that the all black stainless Byrd knives have screw together construction instead of the pinned style we're used to seeing on stainless models.

Personally, I don't mind the pinned construction, but I'm intrigued by the screw style on these knives as it gives an easier option for deep cleaning and maintenance. I may get one to check them out. What are everyone's opinions on screw construction vs pinned on stainless knives now that we have the option of getting either one?

I also have a question for Sal. Why did you choose to go with screws on these models? Does it have something to do with the coating on the metal, are you seeing how the market responds to screwed together stainless handles, or is it some other reason?

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Re: Screw construction stainless Byrds

Postby carrot » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:02 am

Honestly I think pinned knives are great. I appreciate the option and don't think every model should be pinned but there's something to be said for the ease and simplicity that pinned knives allow. You never have to worry about screws falling out or getting stripped. That makes them great beaters or loaners, and also just great all-around reliable knives.

You don't have to take your knife apart to clean and lube it no more than you have to take your car apart to put gas inside or to go to the car wash. I don't know where that expectation came from. Yes, some knives have liners that will rust, but it's just surface rust and has no effect on the structural integrity or general working of the knife. Parts that move are are self-cleaning and can easily be lubricated and parts that don't can rust all they want. Slipjoints have been pinned for years and rarely ever has someone needed to take it apart.

To answer your question I think that it isn't possible to do a pinned coated knife in the same way. The uncoated stainless models are pinned and then the pins are polished smooth to the scales. If you polished smooth the pins on a coated knife you would polish off the coating. If you put rounded pins then it would have the same visual effect as screws, and the afi market has shown a clear preference for screws, so why not just use screws.

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