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Everyone: Please check and report counterfeit Spyderco knives to their administrators!

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 8:37 pm
by SpyderEdgeForever
Check this out: I was browsing the website,, and I found this disgusting fake: ... ck=1&cns=1

The seller is listing it as a "Spyderco Claw". There is NO such thing! It is clearly a fake Paramilitary or Military.

Please contact Etsy and let them know when you find fakes/counterfeits, so we can protect Spyderco.

Here is the seller's page: ... =659547353

It appears the person is in France. I expected it to be China. But the fake knife must have been made in China, right?

It is a low-life and disgusting thing for these people to make and to sell these fakes.

This is how they list it on their Etsy page:

"CA - 075 knife "SPYDERCO" claw 9.5 cm handle 12 cm stainless steel blade
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Beautiful reproduction of the knife with stainless steel blade folding Pocket aggressive design lines so is easy open measures 9.5 cm and has a security handle 12 cm steel resin, and weight 135 g.

Clip belt & lanyard hole also present on the handle.

Antislip handle steel.

Safety anti closure.

Draping out of the handle.

Blade claw sharpened stainless steel 9.5 cm.

Beautiful case for collector who wants a beautiful high quality knife, ideal in a fine collection.

Knife for fishing, DIY, campers, sculptors, etc...

New item never been used, comes in its packaging. "

What a liar. There is no such knife made by Spyderco.