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Mods please delete

Postby kennethsime » Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:29 pm

Mods please delete, posted in the wrong forum.
C90GRE Stretch 2 ZDP-189 British Racing Green
C28GRE2 Dragonfly 2 ZDP-189 British Racing Green
C12BK2W Matriarch 2 VG-10 Emerson Open
C81G2 Para Military 2 S30V
C81GPRGR2 Para Military 2 K390 Ranger Green
C223GPRGR Para 3 K390 Ranger Green
C90FPIV2 Stretch 2 Straight Spine, VG-10 Rit Dye'd Dark Apple Green
C223GP Para 3 S30V Green Canvas Micarta

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