Fish: What's Everyone's Favorite? Salt or Fresh Water?

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Re: Fish: What's Everyone's Favorite? Salt or Fresh Water?

Postby BLUETYPEII » Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:41 pm

JD Spydo wrote:
Sat Aug 03, 2019 2:35 pm

Wow scary stuff about you not being able to find that documentary! :eek:
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Re: Fish: What's Everyone's Favorite? Salt or Fresh Water?

Postby JD Spydo » Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:57 am

Tims wrote:
Sat Aug 03, 2019 4:40 pm
JD Spydo wrote:
Sat Aug 03, 2019 2:35 pm
Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:48 pm
Since were on the subject of fish. There is something I want to let you all know.

I have heard that farm raised tilapia out of China is a very unsafe product to eat!

Please do your own research but, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Very bad stuff.

As far as good fish to eat I really enjoy mahi-mahi. I also really enjoy shark but my understanding is shark numbers are decreasing because of over hunting but if you get some good shark try grilling it on the barbecue
Your information on imported "Tilapia" is 100% accurate :( . Believe it or not about 8 years ago the Discovery Channel of all sources did a documentary on how the Chinese and other Asians that farm raise Tilapia actually feed their fish human manure :( And that wasn't the only thing they did to make those fish unsafe to eat. Sorry to gross any of you out but it's true I've checked with a good friend of mine who just retired from the Pentagon for Army Intelligence and he traveled all over the globe and he is well aware of the horrible things that are done in food production. He told me that Tilapia is one fish that him and his comrades avoid like poison when they visit overseas. For some reason the proteins in human waste put pounds on Tilapia quickly. That way they kill two birds with one sick stone :mad: . The word has gotten out to many consumers here in my area. Just recently a major grocery chain put out a huge freezer full to the brim with freshly imported Tilapia at a virtual give-away price and two weeks later they haven't even sold a fourth of it. And the fish looks fresh and pretty>> but for that low price I know it's some of the bad stuff for sure.

Don't waste your time trying to retrieve that Discovery Channel special from about 2011 about this atrocity because it's just flat out disappeared. As many of you have I have also eaten a few Tilapia over the years from about 1995 till when I saw the documentary. I'm sure the big money corporate criminals got to the Discovery Channel and got that show eliminated from their archives because I've tried feverishly to pull it up or even find it on any of the popular video sites.

On a better note I do like the Shark meat that you have mentioned. The ones I really like are Mako, Blue and reef shark. I've eaten other varieties over the years but that Mako is the very best I've eaten ever. I would love to go fishing for a young Mako to eat because it had a texture and a flavor I could get addicted to. Also Blue Shark meat was quite delightful too. Some of the other shark meats I've eaten tend to have a lot of a "rubber-like" texture and were literally hard to chew in some cases.

But Bottom LINE::: I don't recommend anyone to eat Tilapia or even many other Farm Raised fish either for that matter unless you are totally aware of what they've been fed and what kind of environment they come from. The Farm Raised Catfish here in the USA has had some horror stories associated with it too. I try to buy "Wild Caught" fish ( especially Salmon) every chance I get and I try not to eat any food that comes from China or any other 3rd World cesspool. Those people in those types of countries have no integrity at all IMO.
Wow, that’s alarming.

If I’m reading that right, use of human waste in the feed was intentional poisoning of fish headed for western markets. A government sanctioned biological attack?

You might want to look at where that Barramundi you’ve been eating is coming from Joe. Highly unlikely it’s wild caught, far more likely to be farm raised in Asia.
From what I'm able to determine on the package that the Barimundi comes in it says it's "Wild Caught". I would think with the laws the way they are here in the USA that if they weren't genuinely meeting the criteria of actually being "Wild Caught" by a commercial fishing fleet there was be a troop of ambulance chasing lawyers having a field day. But that was back in 2011 when I saw that documentary on the tilapia.

That wasn't even the only horror story I had heard on Tilapia fish. Not sure all fish can even be farm raised :confused: .

I haven't eaten a farm raised catfish here in the USA in probably at least 10 years or so. But unless I personally caught any type of catfish out of relatively clean water I wouldn't eat it at all. Because Catfish of just about any species are noted to be the worst scavengers here in North America.
the bottom line is bad>> because when you think about it with the GMO all the other horrible stories associated with our food production it's pretty scary any way you look at it.

For instance I've never heard of Alaskan Cod or Pollack either one ever being farm raised.

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