5th anniversary gift ideas for my wife... any suggestions??

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Postby xceptnl » Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:47 pm

I lost an Edward Mirell Titanium Mokume ring to the drowned god last year. That thing was a beautiful work of art. Shame the ocean has it now.
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Postby Ferris Wheels » Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:26 pm

razorsharp wrote:ferris wheel, I will bookmark that for future reference for when the time comes :p
I have a local jewelry shop that carries his work which was my first exposure to Mokume Gane. Wish I would have found his work before I popped the question to my wife 8 years ago, she would be sporting a Mokume Gane engagement ring. She will just have to settle for one as an anniversary gift one of these years.
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Postby Per-Sev » Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:23 pm

How about a Pandora charm bracelet, and if you have kids let them pick out a charm or if not just get a few then every year you can add to it to make it special.
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Postby w3tnz » Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:43 pm

As other's have said, 5th anniversary is traditionally a wooden gift, maybe you could carve her something with one of your spyderco's ;)

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anniversary gift

Postby catedav » Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:46 pm

Getting anniversary gift to someone that is special to you sometimes gets very challenging if you really don't know what to give. Anniversaries are hard to remember sometimes, especially if you never do anything too special on them. Do not forget your anniversary this year. Get a payday loan and purchase your significant other that large gift they have wanted for so long. They most likely deserve it, and for those who have ever neglected an anniversary in the past, you probably have to make up for it.

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Postby Rwb1500 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:24 am

So tomorrow is the day, we wanna know how it went.

We wanna know details! ( But maybe not all of them ;) )

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Postby Doc Dan » Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:38 am

The traditional gift is something made from wood. How about a music box or a jewelry box that is a music box? San Francisco Music Box Company used to have a lot of nice choices. This way, when she hears the tune she will think of you.


There are other companies, too.
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Postby DJFrostbyte » Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:12 am

I ended up going with a wooden watch and placed it in a hand carved celtic box that I purchased from Ireland (online). She was thrilled with it and loves the watch. Today we leave for our little weekend getaway at which point the details of the event will be left up to the imagination. :) Thanks again everyone for your suggestions!
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Postby tonydahose » Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:10 pm

I am guessing they are going to play a good gaame of chess ;) have fun.
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Postby breslinabigail » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:39 pm

DJFrostbyte wrote:Hey fellas,
My wife and I are going to be celebrating our 5th anniversary on September 6th. I've already booked a weekend getaway in a nice resort on the beach in Galveston texas (a short drive from Houston) but that is not enough. Anyone have any gift ideas? And yes, she already has a couple spyderco knives including a Pink LUM and a pink Squeak :D Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So what did you buy for her on your 5th anniversary? Nothing beats a romantic dinner date specially if you are the one who prepared it all just for her.

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Postby Knivesinedc » Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:14 pm

Make her a movie night basket for when your at the resort and you wanna watch a movie and cuddle. Buy her favorite movie (or one of them if you already have her favorite movie) and get a big tub from like Walmart or something. fill it with her favorite movie/snack foods and stick like a teddy bear or something in there. Then buy a meaningful piece of jewelry and stick it on the bottom of the tub. as you guys eat all the delectable foods she'll see the box and ask what it is. at that point say what you want and let her open the box and GASP at how amazing the piece of jewelry is that you got for her. Try to make the piece of jewelry something she doesn't have and that's not very common but make it meaningful.
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