Is my Angle Cube broken?

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Postby Per-Sev » Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:39 pm

Thanks but I am a prime member with Amazon and found a magnetic one for $29 shipped free so its close enough and I get it in 2 days. I only use eBay as a last resort I have had good luck with Amazon so far.
Now I can figure out what angle I am using with my Lansky I hope if not I might make a fixture that allows me to use the clamping set up, well anyway it will give me a new toy to screw around with.
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Postby jackknifeh » Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:05 am

Here is a link to find the instructions and calibration info for anyone who wants it.

The accuracy of the calibration will depend on the how level the surface you perform the calibration on is. I laid my new cube on my pool table and it said 0.00 so calibrating my old one was easy.

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