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Happy Birthday Jens Anso!

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:25 pm
by Donut
I hope I am correct and get this right! I didn't see a thread.

I wrote out most of a thread and refreshed and lost it! :mad: Let me try again. :o

Happy Birthday! You deserve a great one!

I don't know if you will see this and sorry to post it so late, I just saw what I think is your username.

I hope to see dozens of more collaborations and a lot more of your amazing work! You do some incredible things. I ALWAYS smile when I look at your forum on USN. I don't visit often enough, but I love your work and don't own enough of it.

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the world of knives.

I hope you have an amazing day and year and get everything you hope to done. (As if that can even happen! :D )

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:51 am
by cosmo7809
A Happy, Healthy (and belated) Birthday to you Jens.

Wish you many more.

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:59 pm
by monsterdog
Glaedelig Foedselsdag :)

(Happy Birthday)

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:30 am
by Ansoknives
Thanks!! Abit late in responding myself :) I am not in here often enough I guess :) thanks for the kind words!

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:59 pm
by stonyman
Sorry I missed Jens! Hope you have the beginning of a great year!

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:35 am
by dialex
A belated Happy Birthday Jens. To many more. May your knives stay always sharp and your inspiration keep spoiling us with your creations. :)