You find yourself in a knife fight

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Postby MANIXWORLD » Sun Oct 28, 2007 9:53 pm

Jimd wrote:In the movies, it looks cool. When I've seen people stabbed to death nearby, it never really looked very cool. It looked 100 times worse than any horror movie I've ever watched.

Way more skill involved?! How tough is it to use an ice pick grip, run up to someone, and begin hammering them with the blade? I've seen that a few dozen times. The deadliest people with knives I've ever observed never had a martial arts lesson in their lives. They had the best training: OJT (on-the-job-training).

Re. guns being "more destructive", you're more likely to die from a knife wound than a gunshot wound. That's a fact.
I've spoken with several hundred gunshot wound survivors (and scads of knife wound survivors, too). The truth is, people seldom die from either, most survive their wounds.

But trust ain't "cool" or neat to see. Blood flies everywhere, the contests of intestines stinks very badly, and dead bodies look...well, dead!
I'm just going with what i've seen on movies with regard to knifefighting,looking cool.
To probably do this in a real situation as selfdefense,i'l choose to rather fight without any weapon and rely on martial arts for selfdefense or unarmed combat only.
I have had no personal real encounters with knifefighting and i would defenitely not seek any.
Having to maybe see a knifefight in real life,would
be shocking and i certainly wish not to encounter any.

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Postby stonyman » Sun Oct 28, 2007 10:55 pm

My live hand would be trying fighting to increase my odds on finishing the fight. This includes accessing another weapon in-fight if possible, but most likely empty hand skills would be relied upon. I was a CO from 97 to 2001. My true blade combatives came out of necessity. I believe a search would bring up what started my unquenchable thurst for knife combatives to augment my gun and empty hand skills.

My BS meter is way up when folks fantasize about a knife assault. I have been lucky to survive altercations with edged/impact and firearms, but do not rest on my laurels. Realistic training helps quite a helps a person not to suffer the frozen foot syndrome! :eek: Kalig, Doc, bk6 to name a few and some of you others who have experience this mess for real knows fantasy island training or the latest whiz bang training methods would get folks killed!

I have also, witnessed my fair share of knife assaults and real time action is a site to behold. Jimid is on the mark. Real world experience adds a different perspective to your training and approach to facing the elephant.

Stay safe everyone, please keep your head on straight and at least get some type of foundational training to increse your odds.......or start serving those tacos! :D

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Postby markg » Mon Oct 29, 2007 11:55 am

Th232 wrote:But soft tacos don't have the same effect as a hardened, fight-ready taco!
Does anyone know the Rc of a hard vs. soft taco? This might be important.

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Postby Michael Cook » Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:20 pm

:spyder: A soft taco can still do a lot of damage in the hands of a skilled practitioner. :spyder:
More of what does not work will not work. Robin Cooper, Rokudan; Aikikai.

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Postby Agent Starling » Mon Oct 29, 2007 6:17 pm

Michael Cook wrote: :spyder: A soft taco can still do a lot of damage in the hands of a skilled practitioner. :spyder:
how about a lemon meringue pie in the face? now THAT would be incapacitating! :p :D

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Postby picobrain » Fri Nov 02, 2007 5:01 pm

apply pepper spray to the taco before serving your opponent


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Postby Puyallupknifegu » Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:14 pm


Thanks a lot everyone! Now I'm hungry!! And I'm trying to figure out which pocket to carry my taco fixins in!!

I carry two knives at all times...left and right.

I have to say after what my Sifu has taught me:

1. If you are not trained with a weapon, don't pick one up. It can be taken away from you and used against you.
2. Training is extremely important. If the techniques you've studied don't save your life then the determination and will you have developed from training your butt off should help you survive.
3. Don't think you actually have to engage the person trying to do you harm; if you have the opportunity, run away!
4. Basic self defense: Keep your head up and your eyes moving while walking, if attacked make lots and lots of noise!
5. If possible, stay out of dark alleys!!!

Stay safe and God bless everyone.

Hey, anybody got a taco?

T :D
God bless!

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