Will Spyderco sharpen a Para 3 with Flytanium scales?

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Will Spyderco sharpen a Para 3 with Flytanium scales?

Postby PurplePega » Sun Jun 13, 2021 7:30 pm

Hi. New Spyderco owner here... I purchased a blurple S110v Para 3 from BladeHQ, and I'm coming to realize I may have bitten off more than I could chew in regard to keeping it sharpened. I know that Spyderco offers a mail-in sharpening service, but it's my intent to install aftermarket flytanium carbon fiber scales on my knife -- I know that Spyderco doesn't warrant such things, but the sharpening service isn't a warranty, and I wanted to reach out to see if I would still be able to mail in my knife for upkeep when needed, or if I'd be SOL and needing to find another solution. Thanks!

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