Why did you join?

Discuss Spyderco's products and history.
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Why did you join?

Postby sal » Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:19 am

Hi All,

I guess I've been doing the forum thing for a couple of decades now. While I've seen many come and go as the hobby / intgerest is not for everyone, I have seen a number of folks hang in for years as we discussed things not often discussed in forums about designs, steel, performance, etc. I feel like I've come to know many like; Paul, Joe, Darby, etc. in this endeavor.

In the last couple of years, we've had quite an influx of new people join the forum and participate in our discussions.

So I would like to know; Why did you join this forum?


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Re: Why did you join?

Postby skeeg11 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:29 am

Good people. Friendly place with Family values with few exceptions. Honest opinions.
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Re: Why did you join?

Postby JMM » Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:31 am

I started as a lurker in probably mid 2017, and remained that way for a couple years. I think the main driver for actually joining was wanting to participate in conversations with people that were a whole lot smarter than me about a subject that fascinated me and that I wanted to learn more about. Around the mid 2017 I also spent some time on a couple other knife related forums and it was very soon apparent to me that the knowledge and maturity level here was significantly higher than any other place I checked out. Now I occasionally visit one of the ones I did early on to utilize the WTS/WTT/WTB forums, but in terms of actually using and participating goes this place has become home to me for all things knife & steel related. Thank you Sal for investing the time and energy into this wonderful place in cyberspace!



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Ngati Pom
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Re: Why did you join?

Postby Ngati Pom » Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:36 am

Hi, I’d lurked for a while following discussions and then had questions of my own.
I stayed because of the people. :cool:
I learn something new every time I check in. Sharpening ,metallurgy, ergonomics, history and the ‘industry’ . It’s all here.
Thank you Sal for making it possible.
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Re: Why did you join?

Postby Mushroom » Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:45 am

I had used forums for other hobbies before joining the Spyderco forums. When I started to learn about knives and Spyderco, it was just natural for me to search through forums for more information. I started browsing different EDC forums and as my tastes and interests evolved I got more intrigued by Spyderco's designs and the company in general. That is ultimately what lead me to this wonderful forum.

I "lurked" for a bit before actually making an account. I felt like a newcomer and wanted to learn as much as I could before sharing my thoughts and opinions. I read through countless threads just trying to learn as much as possible and had come across many posts from "the man himself," you! I thought it was amazing that you would invest time into interacting with your customers here. It was a level of dedication and transparency I had never seen from a company before. I felt that it spoke to the true integrity of the company and I was basically converted to a Spyderco "brand loyalist." :spyder:

Also, I really enjoyed browsing through the plethora of cool Spyderco photos from the users here. I had a bunch of my own photos to share and felt like that was my best place to start. :)

In short, I'm obsessed with Spyderco. :cool:
- Nick


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Re: Why did you join?

Postby ZrowsN1s » Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:45 am

I joined the forum because here was a knife company asking 'what do you think, what's your opinion'. I stayed because Spyderco listened to what I had to say.
I ❤ The POLICE :spyder:

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Re: Why did you join?

Postby standy99 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:18 am

Knowledge is what I came for and why I’m still here.

One thing that shines here is good community values from the company and the members.
Forum members self moderate the site in the spirit of the above values.
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Re: Why did you join?

Postby Cl1ff » Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:20 am

Sal, I think I found the forum when looking for information on a model from “before my time”, the Vesuvius, but I started coming back for more and enjoyed reading everyone’s threads.

I was inspired to join because I’d spent a fair amount of time reading years old posts from members of Bladeforums regarding Fiddleback Forge knives and some of the makers Andy from Fiddleback worked with. The posts were so helpful, detailed, and friendly.

Realizing that I could participate in something like that here, I joined after a while of lurking.

Many of this forum’s threads have that same atmosphere I was talking about before. Something about sharing knowledge and experiences and all the rest is really welcoming.

I’m still new compared to a lot of the members here, but I’ve already participated in really cool threads and found good people who are fun to talk to and also share a lot of the same opinions as myself!

With that, and maybe it’s ironic how recently, I’ve also made some mistakes. Just today I found myself feeling a little insulted and responded in a way that was probably overly serious and a little stuck up as Sumdumguy fairly put it.

So, I’d like to apologize to CTomz, LadyBug93, and the rest of those participating in the thread about a larger Fish Hunter for giving them so much grief. Another facet of my life has me a little on edge recently and I unfairly carried that over to this forum.
Hopefully I don’t have to walk the plank without a “Shark Hunter” because I might be the one in danger of extinction then! :p

Maybe I’m wrong, but the timing of your question is almost too good to be coincidence because all of that made me realize; I read the forum for the knives, but I joined for the people and the things we share with each other.

It would be a shame to ruin that, so I’m looking forward to more discussion, with everyone, differences of opinion and all, as I’m sure things will fall into place just fine given time. :)

Thank you for all the effort spent answering questions, welcoming new members, and encouraging everyone in sharing what they know, Sal and team!

What a genuine honor it is to talk steel and knives with some of the greatest folks in the industry and community, in my opinion.

I haven’t forgotten the thread I mentioned creating about serrations in nature and their similarities to a Spyderedge. You thought it sounded like a neat idea and gave me the title for it, “Nature’s teeth”.

It’s a really lovely community here!
I’ve learned a lot thus far and I can tell there’s still much more ahead! That’s why I joined and why I’m hopefully gonna stay. :D


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Re: Why did you join?

Postby Frizank9009 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:22 am

I'm a newb and a lurker, likely to remain a lurker, but I signed up and visit the forum to try and keep up with what knives are available in which metal and which scales in which color. It's all kind of overwhelming for a newb. I see a video or a pic online of a cool looking knife with scales in my favorite color...and it's nowhere to be found. Maybe it's old and rare, maybe it's still active and waiting for more production, maybe it's an upcoming a release and who knows when it's coming out???

Some examples: I've seen a paramilitary 2 with dlc blade and smurf blue scales, I'd buy it in a heartbeat but I guess it doesn't exist anymore? The new catalog shows paramilitary 2 with s45 steel, I'm interested, where and when? I might be interested in a paramilitary 2 with the tanto styled blade in dlc with black scales, but I guess only bladehq sells it and they have white scales now? I've preordered a police 4 with k390 steel and I have no idea when it might release.

There is also good information here. Plusses and minuses of various steels. How to care for various steels. Reading about a knife I have and seeing if other people have the same issues or enjoyment that I have. As others have said, it's also cool that the owner is active and posts.

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Re: Why did you join?

Postby Wartstein » Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:32 am

I was an occasional lurker for some time, till I joined in mid 2018 - actually after some hesitation, cause I thought my English might not be good enough.
Originally I joined in order to ask if someone could point me towards a non-deep carry wire clip for the Kapara, a knife i enjoyed a lot at that time (but not the deep carry).

I soon found it such a welcoming, constructive, instructive and positive place, that I participated ever since and decided to share myself whatever little knowlegde I might have and help people out whenever I can, while learning and enjoying the forum.

Actually it is the only forum I am actively participating in these days, and I have also no idea of things like facebook, instagram and so on. Kind of oldschool, but this place I really like.
I came to love Spydercos knives before I knew anything about the brand itself, or anything about the forum. I was just blown away by the performance and design of the Endura, Delica and Stretch I already had back then, before I even heard the name Sal Glesser.
I could not share that passion though, since I don´t know any other "knife-people" in my "real life", and so it is great to have a place with this forum where I can share it! :)

And being here made me appreciate Spyderco even more, since I learned a lot about the integrity and great approach towards customers and employees of the company.
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Re: Why did you join?

Postby fixall » Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:33 am

To learn and pass along what I've learned. The eye candy definitely helps too.

The reason I chose this forum specifically is because I am a big fan of Spyderco products and the culture they have cultivated. It's extremely rare to find a company that interacts with their customers the way Sal, Gail, Eric, Kristi, and the Spyderco team does. Even more rare to find a company that actually hears what those customers have to say. I also love that Spyderco tends to lead the way when it comes to new and exotic steels, and has a history of solid heat treatments. Naturally, because of this, the Spyderco Forum is easily one of the best places on the web to discuss said steels.

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Re: Why did you join?

Postby Salty Dog » Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:43 am

Hi Sal, thanks for asking, great thread.

Theres many reasons why I join forums, and why I joined here.

Firstly, I like the interaction and community feel of a hobby, no matter what hobbies I have, I like to delve in deep and learn everything I can, it makes it more interesting. My brain needs to have as deeper understanding as it can about what im doing, that's my sort of fun lol, its how my brains wired.

What better way to do that than come here?

This thread is a perfect example, here I am, giving my thoughts to the man himself, Sal, after he has asked new members why they have joined.
This makes me feel like im a little part of the community, and im chuffed that the owner would ask such a question to newcomers, this interaction from the top is really rare in a company, imo it says a lot about Spyderco.
The knives feel more personal to me because of the personable interactions I see the owner and staff having here, sort of makes me feel the customers business and thoughts are important to the company.

Also I live in a small unit in the city, I don't have a shed I can retreat to.
My better half goes to bed fairly early, we don't have kids, im a night owl and like to have a place or two to come to chat about the things im interested in, have a laugh, learn and feel like im a little part of a community with others who share similar interests.
The knowledge on this forum is great, its a great place to learn, seems like a good bunch of peeps like Wartstein who has been very welcoming and helpful, thanks mate
My brother got me into Spyderco last year, its nice to have a hobby to share and talk about with my bro.
Coming here means we've got more to shoot the breeze about when we see each other or on the phone.
That kinda stuffs important to me, just another bonus of being here.

Thanks for having me on the forum, and thanks for asking why and interacting with us punters and making it all possible Sal.
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Re: Why did you join?

Postby Wartstein » Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:48 am

Salty Dog wrote:
Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:43 am
The knowledge on this forum is great, its a great place to learn, seems like a good bunch of peeps like Wartstein who has been very welcoming and helpful, thanks mate

Thanks for having me on the forum.

Thanks again for your kind words my friend! Glad if you found my posts helpful, but if so, I just returned what has been given to me a lot of times since I joined the forum. :)
And: Glad to have you here, I really enjoy your contributions!
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Re: Why did you join?

Postby Matus » Wed Jan 27, 2021 2:10 am

My interest in knives started with kitchen knives and Japanese (or custom made) kitchen knives became my main hobby - going even as far as becoming a hobby knife maker (and a moderator on another knife forum, what also limits my time for other fora). Pocket knives first kind of came along around 6 years ago - I the nature of pocket knives (in 99.9% case being used only for brief moment of times so a very large variety of designs 'work' or are 'usable') allows them to have a much larger wide range of designs, sizes and shapes.

I went though several Spyderco knives (most notably Caly 3.5 in super blue, Caly Jr. in ZDP, Delica, Dragonfly) and some non Spyderco knives, then there was a longer period when I just had a few pocket knives, carried them rarely and about a year ago a second wave arrived, I went through several non Spyderco knives (most notably QC Waypoint) and now I 'designing' my pocket knife setup, selling knives that are unused and getting knives for certain specific tasks - and Spyderco came out at the top of the list most of the time. So now I have a Gayle Bradley 1 in the shipping and waiting for the 2021 Brouwer to reach DE.

I was wondering myself - why do I keep coming back to Spyderco knvies - I am going to be honest here - the hole in the blade often dictates the shape of the blade that I personally just happen not to find attractive all that much - I mean in particular the different leaf-shapes. At the same time there are blade shapes that also are strongly influenced by the hole that I just find super cool :) like GB1 & 2, Stretch, SpyOpera, etc. Plus Spyderco does not shy away from making wonderfully weird knives that are not necessarily always the most practical ones, but just bring joy to the owner (they still cut though). Last but not least I have not seen that Spyderco would produce blades with totally fooled-up heat treatment or blades with burned edges. Last but not least - cooperating with different designers just further widens the variety of knives.

But the main reason to come to this forum is that I have experienced people being really nice to each other and I find it super cool that you Sal take so much time to interact with the community - this is something one rarely sees with a company of the size of Spyderco and became 'in' only rather recently with younger companies. Huge kudos for that.
... I like weird :spyder: ...

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Re: Why did you join?

Postby Menipo » Wed Jan 27, 2021 2:41 am

My reason for joining is YOU, Mr. Glesser.

I had been lurking this forum for a couple of years from time to time. But I decided to join the forum and become an active member only after seeing how you take the time to greet each new member, answer the questions asked and give a permanent example of chivalry and kindness. I find especially inspiring the way you elegantly and moderately defuse any attempt of confrontation between members or denigration of others. Having the founder of the brand actively participating in "his" forum is a value. Having the founder moderating and participating as you do is a privilege.

Many thanks, Sal.
Si vis pacem para bellum ;)

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Re: Why did you join?

Postby vivi » Wed Jan 27, 2021 2:45 am

I came across the forum while researching the brand. I lurked for a few years before I made an account. My first post was me asking for advice on figuring out my EDC setup:
vivi wrote:
Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:28 am
....I'm interested in deciding on a "default" setup that will be my EDC unless I expect the need for something else.

I've decided on a setup like The Deacons (Kiwi and Stretch 2) and may in fact go with those two knives. Something small and precise for small knife jobs or environments where large knives draw negative attention, as well as a full-sized knife with a blade between 3 and 4 inches and a strong, reliable lock.

The knives I'm considering are as follows:




Stretch 2
Endura G10
Native 3
Lil Temp
Centofante 3
Pacific Salt (Something I'm mainly considering due to how much I sweat being active outside in the summer)

I prefer the back lock to all others but will use any sort of lock if I like the rest of the design enough.

Right now I'm leaning towards the Kiwi or Spin for the small knife (Prefer a pointy blade) and the G10 Endura or Stretch 2 for the large knife.
I ended up owning every model on my list at one point, besides a Kiwi, which I've yet to try to this day.

The Manix and Military are still favorites of mine. The Pacific Salt exceeded all my expectations. I still have that Spin I bought shortly after making that post.

I've stuck around for a number of reasons. Being able to interact with the head of Spyderco and many of its designers, the community, the updates on new releases and sprints, and the overall atmosphere of welcome.

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Re: Why did you join?

Postby archangel » Wed Jan 27, 2021 3:24 am

I had joined primarily because i had a question about my first Spydie. I quickly realized that this is a very special place, warm, and full of open and highly experienced people.

I had been active in a German flashlight forum before, but my enthusiasm for flashlights was cooling off, while my interest in knives exploded. Very soon I stopped adding knives from different manufacturers and added Spyderco knives to my collection exclusively. :)

At some point I decided I needed a rule, in order not to "buy them all". :eek: I had collected more than 100 flashlights (still own probably >50), and it was clear that I couldn't do it with spydies the same way... too expensive. :( I realized that I had already collected many different steels, while there was no duplicate model - so from that moment, this became my "collecting algorithm". :D

Well, with the Smock that I absolutely HAD to have, while I could not let go my Szabo Folder holding the S30V spot, I had to break the rule for the first time. :cool: Now I have 4 S30V spydies, plus 33 in 33 other steels. ;)

Aaaaanyway.... this is a great place! I disagree on some mindsets, but I do so quietly because it would be too political thus against forum policies. I have no issues with the vast majority of people in here. I must say that I am worried that my personal preference (beefy blades, G10/titanium/CF scales, visible liners yesyesyes, lightweight thin blade FRN scales nonono) is a minority and will not be served sufficiently in the future. :( I'll have to see where this goes. For now, I'll stay in touch for sure. I'm not one to move camp easily. ;)

Keep up the good work, folks!! :)
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Re: Why did you join?

Postby mikey177 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:01 am

I have probably visited this forum for information as early as 2004. I only created an account the other year because I wanted to join the calendar contest. I keep coming back because I enjoy the feeling of community that you folks have nurtured here.

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Re: Why did you join?

Postby juggler » Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:08 am

I'd had a few Swiss Army Knives and Opinels over the years, but I didn't know much about pocket knives in general.
Then I stumbled upon the picture of a Spyderco Dodo on a EDC website.
Of course, I wanted to know more about that weird looking knife. So I ended up on this site.
I quickly realized Spyderco users were as weird as their knives.
So I joined.
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The Deacon
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Re: Why did you join?

Postby The Deacon » Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:20 am

Had just "discovered" Spyderco knives a few months earlier and, IIRC, being a member here was the only way to purchase this...

...so I joined. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :D
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