Your New Knife Ritual

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Re: Your New Knife Ritual

Postby odomandr » Tue Nov 17, 2020 4:33 pm

I open the box and carefully peel back the adhesive on the bubble wrap. Pull the knife out and take a gander. Look for blade centering, check the clip, flick it open. Turn it around in my hand, close it and redeploy repetitively as necessary. Decide if it's a carrier or a keeper. Keepers go back in the box for later as a nice item to pull out and re examine months later as a chance to replace a carrier that hasn't been in a pocket for a while. Carriers get put in the edc toolbox and the box put back away with the bubble wrap and stored with all the other boxes and keepers....odd process but gives me something to do as I exchange edc gear for lighter/heavier carry or vice versa depending on the season
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Re: Your New Knife Ritual

Postby kobold » Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:56 am

A brick and mortar shop emails me that my order is ready. I respond, letting them know when will I likely show up.

Once there, I quickly inspect the knife for fit and finish, action, blade play and centering and play with it on the way home.

At home I put its box in a box box in the shed and start using my new knife.
After a day or two it usually needs cleaning, so I disassemble it and also polish the washers while I am at it. I enjoy the improved smoothness and drop-shutiness.
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