Caribbean at last

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Re: Caribbean at last

Postby Kesson » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:09 am

I have a sheepsfoot SE and a leaf PE.

Both are highly functional but I think the SE gets the nod for cutting power. It just tears through material. It's become my favored landscaping knife. Makes me want more SE knives in my collection. The LC200N steel definitely seems to roll easier than something like s30v let alone a good tool steel. It's easy to sharpen on the sharpmaker though.

Compared to the Golden compression lock knives the Caribbean is much less fidget friendly and fun to play with. It lacks the solid thwack when flicking it open and the blade won't drop shut unless you loosen the pivot too much for my liking. Even the Kapara has better action although it's also not up to the level of a pm2 as far as flickability in my opinion.

Overall it's a good knife and both the PE and SE pack a lot of cutting power into a pretty light and functional package. I don't know how well this knife sells for spyderco but I think there is some really good aspects that I would like to see on future knives. It makes my Manix and PM2 feel short and my Shaman overly thick and blunt in comparison.

If spyderco was to make a successor or something in the same vein I would like to see improved lock/detent action and maybe a less divisive aesthetic (the yellow has grown on me but I can't say I love it). Blade length, shape and thickness are perfect. Slicey but not fragile. I think the handle is really comfy and I love the full length cutting edge. I'd sacrifice the forward and rear guards a bit to improve the carry-ability of the knife to make it more of an all-rounder.

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Re: Caribbean at last

Postby curlyhairedboy » Tue Jun 09, 2020 4:08 am

Thanks for the update!
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Re: Caribbean at last

Postby Evil D » Tue Jun 09, 2020 5:54 am

Bill1170 wrote:
Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:42 pm

Overall I am very pleased that I went with the serrated. I was on the fence and Evil D pushed me over to the SE side. Thank you, David!

(I was gonna go with Vader but let's be honest I probably look more like ol' Palpatine lol)

Poly film is really odd stuff, I just made a post about that recently in another thread. Cutting that stuff clean takes a very sharp edge, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if PE got snaggy while cutting it. Sharpness is the biggest controllable aspect of all this...snagging is going to become an issue the more dull you let the blade get. As you mentioned with cutting the corrugated, the teeth tend to grab and track what you're cutting and resist slipping...and that's exactly what causes the snagging when the edge starts to dull. The difference between PE is that it will still get the cut done, while PE at a certain point (and certain media being cut) will start sliding off and that's the end of it.

Even a very sharp SE will get grabby depending on how you're holding and making the cut, if the teeth make contact with part of what you're trying to cut they're going to want to dig in and start cutting. If you wanna do a fun little visual experiment with this, get an empty water bottle and push cut into the side of it like you're carving a stick. If you're slow enough you can see each tooth individually start initiating cuts and then the scallops between the teeth start slicing outward from the teeth. When cutting something like that poly film, I've found that I can lock it into one serration and get clean cuts that way.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that Sal started out as a Pitchman (lol), but he wasn't BS'ing when he described SE as having infinite cutting angles.
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Re: Caribbean at last

Postby ladybug93 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 11:08 am

also, spyderco leaves a perfect amount of the tip as plain edge. it works great for most of those types of applications.

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Re: Caribbean at last

Postby Bill1170 » Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:50 am

I trimmed our bougainvillea shrubs yesterday before work. A few tendrils missed by the hedger were trimmed with the Caribbean. I really like the SE performance, plan to touch it up this weekend.

Edited to add: just remembered that I cut a strip off a carpet square to use as a vibration isolator where two ducts cross one another (shop dust collection system). My client told me he didn’t have anything to “cut it on.” I told him, “No worry. I’ll cut it in the air.” And I did, just hanging off the edge of his workbench. Like butter.

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Re: Caribbean at last

Postby Bill1170 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 9:46 pm

One thing I really like with SE is that I can initiate a cut through tape on a box, for example, using the belly instead of the tip. I tuned up the edge on the white rods Sunday, came to realize the serrations are ground at 15 degrees and are slightly hollow ground. My SM at the 30 setting was polishing the edge and the back of the scallops at the same time, leaving the middle part untouched.

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