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Re: Most Ideal PE Or Spyderedge

Postby Evil D » Fri Jun 05, 2020 4:04 pm

JD Spydo wrote:
Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:37 pm
When you mention "glue" and other adhesives and/or sealants it does give us a whole new set of materials that are rough on blades. Especially some of the bullet proof epoxies we used on my last job. But I guess that's the tradeoff you get with the progress that we make.

I've seen 2 part and 3 part epoxies so hard I can't even hardly dent or scratch them with a claw hammer. Even paint and coatings have progressed in a huge way in the past 20 especially.

Yeah I think some of those plastics. glues and new polymers dull your knife worse than metal bands on pallets do most of the time. Which makes the case for trying more serration patterns for a wide range of cutting jobs.

There was this spot in the plant I worked at where this huge pump was that supplied glue to the corrugator (enormous machine that makes the raw sheet that boxes are made into) where glue leaked out onto the ground, it was a minor annoyance that I guess they just dealt with instead of fixing. That starch glue would pool up and dry and was so hard to get off the floor, they had this "tool" that was basically a ~1 inch thick by 1 foot square or so sheet of solid steel welded to a 6 foot long steel pole, the whole thing probably weighed 50+lbs and we would just pick it up and drop it onto the dried starch and try to chip away at it to get it off the floor. This was one of my super glamorous responsibilities when I first started there (it was a union job and there was a 60 day probation).

Even besides all that, there is good quality corrugated and bad quality. Sometimes the glue wouldn't stick and you'd get "delamination" where you can pull apart the 3 sheets of paper that make the board, and that stuff got scrapped/recycled. Sometimes those poor quality boxes make it through to production, I remember seeing boxes like that in my retail days and thinking to myself "uh oh, quality control missed that one". So, with that mind you also can potentially have better than average boxes, or stronger than average boxes, where the lamination is really good and there's maybe too much glue, and those are the boxes that'll really wear down an edge.

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