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Re: Military 3 vs delica.

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:01 pm
by Doeswhateveraspidercan
Try getting a HAP40 Wharncliffee Delica that should do nicely

Re: Military 3 vs delica.

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:41 pm
by Sharp Guy
Both are fine knives and whether one is better than the other is all personal preference. Both fit my hand just fine and, as long as they're sharp, they'll both cut up boxes just fine. I've never cut up a box with a Para 3 and thought, dang I wish I would've grabbed a Delica because it's thinner blade stock would've sliced this cardboard better. The Delicas do slice through cardboard well but the Para 3s do a fine job too.

To the OP I say don't overthink it. You mention you had a Delica before. If you want to try something new then give the Para 3 a try. If you liked the Delica and want to replace it then go with a Delica. Either one will serve you well

Re: Military 3 vs delica.

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:23 pm
by Doeswhateveraspidercan
Para3 is thick compared to the Delica you are missing. Delica is a superior slicer.

If opening boxes and packages is your primary use the Delica will not let you down.

Honestly the Para3 is well not as good. It is an I don’t know what it is trying to be a stubby PM2... anyway still like it.

Yeah I know... Whatever, simmer down folks...

It’s like this...

A Delica in Wharncliffe shape will outperform a Para3 hands down every day of the week.

Thinner stock.

Focus of force to the tip.

Now VG-10 is awesome so is HAP40 just buy one or both if your wallet can take it. Then you will know.