New Salt sprint run idea

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New Salt sprint run idea

Postby Haunted House » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:42 pm

With the Salt lineup being so well loved, and all the LC200N interest & inquires about it on Salts, I came up with an idea-

How about a Salt lineup sprint run?

Much like how the Seki lineup all got the Hap40/burnt orange treatment- how about the Seki Salt lineup get a sprint run with LC200N & a different handle color?
Maybe something like a neon green handle that would compliment the current neon yellow? Or maybe a turquoise/tropic blue?
“Tropic” version has a nice ring to it.

Being a Delica lover, originally I was thinking just the Salt 2, but it seems everyone has a different favorite Salt model, from the Dragonfly to the Pacific.
If the steel has to be shipped to Japan, it would make sense to send a good bit at once. And rather than make a large quantity of one model, why not make some of all the models, or perhaps just the most popular ones?
(Just make sure the SE & PE Wharncliffe Salt 2 & Dragonfly get some love ;) )

I think it would be really cool, and inclusive for all Spyderco fans. Salt users would get something new and cool/collectible, limited edition collectors would get new versions, collectors of certain models(like Delica, dragonfly, etc) would get new versions, blade steel guys & people who value corrosion resistance would get new platforms for LC200N, Wharncliffe fans get new Wharnies, etc.
Everybody happy happy :D

I don’t know how feasible it is or how much interest there would be, Just thought I’d throw the idea out there.
Team Wharncliffe

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