What are your favorites and why?

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What are your favorites and why?

Postby FullScaler » Sun Dec 01, 2019 12:13 am

I am writing some posts on Spyderco knives for my new blog and wanted to reach out here to ask for members opinions. I want to do some research on what are your favorite Spyderco knives and why? I would love to hear your top 3 knives as well as an overview of what you love about Spyderco and what makes them stand apart from other knife manufacturers. If you have a downfall you would like to share as well, i would love to hear it, but lets keep it constructive if we can.

In the spirit, i will go first. :P

#1 I am sure many people will agree with my #1 choice. The Paramilitary 2. It just fits my hand well and has the right shape and size for me to feel comfortable using it.

#2 Sage Carbon. I always carry tip up in my back pocket so i don't mind the single carry position option. Also, the CF scales just look plain sweet.

#3 Mule team blades. I love the fact that Spyderco came out with the Mule Team blades to give knife nuts like me a chance to get their hands on some different premium steels at a reasonable cost. As a guy who loves working with my hands, i also like the ability to throw my own handle options together to make a knife that is uniquely mine. I just wish they were continuing the project to keep the legacy alive.

One of the main things i like about Spyderco vs some of the other companies out there is their consistent quality and refined finish. You just know that when you get your hands on a new Spyderco knife it is going to be solid and well built. Although i don't really care for the overall look of some of their blades, their quality as a fully functioning tool still makes them a go to in my book.
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