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Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:12 pm
by TomSwift
So I was digging around in my bedside stand for a pocketknife (there is always one laying around) when I came across my old Spyderco Military. I haven’t carried in in years because I lost the clip a long long time ago. I may check around my workbench in the basement to see if I have the clip somewhere in my box of stuff or a drawer... but I seem to remember a screw falling out and then I stopped carrying the knife. I only really carried it when I was in the Army and I eventually carried by Benchmade CQC7 most of the time I was in Iraq.

I have emailed Spyderco.. and will call on Monday. Just wondering how hard (and expensive) it will be to get the clip and the two screws that hold it on? Any experience with that?

Thanks. Cool forum.