First Love Blossom Moments to Spyderco? *a random expressive rant :P

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First Love Blossom Moments to Spyderco? *a random expressive rant :P

Postby Zvinets » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:40 am

As the title says, this will be a "rant" from another human being on the planet expressing his love to sharpies and especially a love blossom moment towards Spyderco. So buckle up and here goes~

My first ever introduction to world of sharpies was like 4 years ago..deciding a knife for an EDC essentials since I at some point got myself into "Freelance Part Time Private Security" job legally where I do get to work with the local Police around areas of keeping my eye on a property to escorting someone to make for additional survival income on my days *(not that active no more on these fields today as per 2019 but I'm still open for jobs I feel to and consider why not).
That day I only focus on something fast deploying and excellent performing in whole stabbing - slashing "just in case scenario" (luckily never gets to point I need to use sharpies touching another human being). My choice ends up to the CRKT Hissatsu spring assisted model, still had the blade but only keeping it for "sentimental reasons" never to be sold.

The farthest I go in terms of so called just in case scenario was pulling out my knife on a pickpocket whose in return pulling out a knife as I shouted at the guy trying to get into my protectee's pocket. Really, first time you had these moments it's never like fantasies of combat tacticoolity bravado n whatnot I previously think off, I was lucky and glad guy decided to run it off and not having the day end up in someone got stabbed or slashed or worse. Never to hope such situations or even more to ever had to happen again.

Putting all that aside, my interests in whole world of sharpies shifts and goes deeper by time. Discovering more about steel properties and functionality etc, having sharpies served actual use on my days cutting open parcels and boxes, moments office employees or friends desperately looking for a cutting instruments like cutter or scissors and I hand them "something else" loved all bits of it. Especially those moments when someone would instantly got alarmed upon seeing an EDC (still a big shiny functional utility tool, not even a Samurai sword lol) asking why you carry that n whatnot ends up listening and entertained, interested to know more side to the world of sharpies.

Then this one day arrived, just in these recent months upon looking for another sharpies to add to my collection I end up watching Blade HQ video of Spyderco Factory Tour. Where it features Mr. Sal Glesser telling the background and overall story about Spyderco, this had been one perspective changing moments that adds more depths to my interest in sharpies.

Link to the vid:

Watching the vid I somehow felt something more about sharpies. More than just tools or cutting instruments, the visions and philosophies behind the designs makes them also an art piece to me. That day I fell in love with Spydies, where honestly at first I looked at Spyderco sharpies I end up with "what's with the shape and eh a hole on my blade", that day and perception has definitely changed for good.
Manix 2 XL "Fluffy"
It only gets "worse" when I decide to pick up what my first Spydie would be. I liked the bigger sized options with quality materials since all my previous experiences are only with 440C, 8CR13MOV, and AUS 8A. While desiring something functional as excellent cutting tool way it is to "just in case scenarios" kind of tool. My choice this time ends with the Manix 2 XL, handled her, observed her up close every bits of the actions and parts, man...why didn't I handled any Spydies sooner
Millie & Fluffy!
Eversince that day and especially today that I just received my most wanted model the Military, handled it close and all, all I can say is this addiction and love ain't going to stop here or anytime soon *(keeping it to remain healthy and controlled lol).

Thanx to Spydie Crew for making excellent tools and art piece in one. Keep up all the good works and well wishes, in health, career, personal life & things. Also to everyone here~ :)

With love and Police 4 also a Scarlet Para 2 next,
:D :spyder:
*Spydies in Care :spyder:
1. Manix 2 XL - named "Fluffy" (19/8/2019) :)
2. Military S30V, G10 Camo - simply "Millie" (6/9/2019)
3. Police 4 LW #189V (5/11/2019)

*Wishlist Spydies :spyder:
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Re: First Love Blossom Moments to Spyderco? *a random expressive rant :P

Postby Doc Dan » Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:14 am

Two great knives. Once I came back to Spyderco years ago my hand was finally happy with a knife.
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