Para 3 LW Sprint Runs

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Para 3 LW Sprint Runs

Postby Genotoxic » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:37 pm

Like many around here I think the Para 3 LW is an amazing knife! Today I was doing some thinking about which steels i'm excited to see this knife come out in and it made me think about how good of a candidate this knife will actually be for just specifically testing steels.

While the regular Para 3 has came out in many variation and with different handle scale materials and different steels I feel like part of the problem with the regular Para 3, or a lot of sprint run knives for that matter is that they're all around premium knives. When you buy a knife that already started out as a fairly premium product and throw in a fancy state of the art steel and sometimes special handle materials it becomes hard to really put a knife through all its paces.

The Para 3 LW fixes the expensive collectors piece aspect of it and turns it into an economical handle with a super steel. Its like an old Honda Civic with the guts replaced to make it go as fast as a Ferrari... you're not getting a car that's as luxurious as a Ferrari but its just as fast.

On top of bringing the overall price of the knife down, its also a well loved knife by the community and its in a size that's very accessible to most people. This means more hands can get the knife in different steels and provide valuable feedback. Plus its very easy to carry making it something that people will have no problems carrying/using.

Overall I am really excited for the future of this model and look forward to getting my hands on some new steels to really test out and compare. For those reading, share your thoughts and which steel you're most interested in being put in this knife. I myself am most excited to see this thing in a good hard use tool steel!

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