Cruwear Military vs Police 4, I need advice.

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Cruwear Military vs Police 4, I need advice.

Postby DukeBrnz » Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:40 pm

Hey so if you're sick to death of these kinda posts, I apologize but here goes. So I recently picked up a fluted ti handled Mil and it was love at first sight. The action, the ergos, everything is perfect. I thought I'd never need another big knife... until I dropped it on some tile. It left a little tiny dent on the edge of the handle. Now usually I don't care but this knife is just too perfect to mar again. So obviously I need another knife!

Now if if all things were equal, I'd get the cruwear mil without question but because I'm way late to the Millie party, the cruwear is going to be about a $80 more. A $130 more than I paid for my precious (I got a hell of a deal). So you start to see my dilemma. Here are my questions in no particular order, any insight is greatly appreciated.

Is the g10 Military as smooth as the Ti framelock version?

How does K390 stack up to Cruwear?

How easy is it to flick the P4 open?

How does the midlock on the P4 compare to something like my g10 Native?

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