Did Spyderco's distributor supply quantities change ?

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Did Spyderco's distributor supply quantities change ?

Postby ferider » Fri May 31, 2019 8:32 am

I remember, ever since S110V came out, respective Military, PM[23], Native5 and Manix2 have been available at most distributors. No shortage of supplies. Same for the P4, and also collaboration products, like the Chinook 4, etc.

With recent regular production knives, like Smock, Native Chief, Maxamet PM2, etc., this appears different: distributors receive small quantities that disappear quickly, like short Sprint runs; for the Smock, we had to wait a couple of months for the second batch, etc. Yes, these are very popular knives, but so are most of my examples above.

Did the supply + manufacturing quantity and strategies change ?


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