Poll: more CBBL

Discuss Spyderco's products and history.

Offer new CBBL designs

Yes - please make more knives with the CBBL lock
No - not interested in knife designs using the CBBL lock
Total votes: 89

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Re: Poll: more CBBL

Postby DougC-3 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 12:14 pm

I'd like to see a larger CBBL knife shaped something like the Amalgam but a little broader in blade and handle.

I think you guys who have to flip or push your Manix closed need to loosen the pivot (or front scale screw) a hair or maybe use a thinner lubricant. One thing that made the Manix love-at-first-sight to me was the fact that the design gives you zero blade play and yet the blade closes by gravity alone if you just slant it a few degrees away from horizontal, after unlocking of course.

As for the plural, I think the "rule" is that you shouldn't alter trade names and so should say "Manix knives" or at worst, "Manix's." But nobody enforces these rules, so I just regard it as a regular word and say Manixes :D
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Re: Poll: more CBBL

Postby kodai78 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 12:56 pm

Yes! More CBBL, in a variety of sizes, blade shapes and more. I think it’s perfect as is in the Manix as a hard use folder. I would like to see a gent’s folder in the 2.5 to 3.0 inch range. I would also be interested in a large (K2, Chinook, Tatanka) folder with a stout blade.
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Re: Poll: more CBBL

Postby BigWillie » Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:09 am

I would prefer to see a simpler pin/spring lock to keep it easy to strip and reassemble.

But I voted yes because I would certanily settle for a CBBL on a PM2

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