Mule revival concept sketch

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Mule revival concept sketch

Postby sliceofaloha » Fri May 10, 2019 12:04 am

This post is something of a redux. My first one ever here (some luck!) got buried over the weekend so I'm offering again. SSL issue and the Mulling over the Mule post is way down the list (original posting). Excuse me if this is poor form.

I designed a blade. I used the PM2 handle first as an ad hoc handle and posted on BladeForums with some positive comments and just now with the Military, see below. I hoped this might be an interesting take on a clip point, a classic American design of which I am immensely fond. Sort of a slanted design with a recurve. I thought this blade might be interesting on its own or as a revival of the Mule fixed in a new design or as an entrant for a folding Mule. If fixed, it needs a lower guard added. It really is a Military size blade. I could see this go either fixed or folding, though I imagined as fixed originally. Would be great to tote around in a sheath with G Clip. Mahalo for looking!

It could go full flat ground or hollow ground.

With PM2 handle:


With Military handle:



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