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Value Folders

Postby MachSchnell » Fri Mar 08, 2019 3:58 pm

Been away for some time, but was looking at replacing my Persistence.
Had bought several of the value lineup for gifts, etc... a few years ago and they were perfectly reasonably priced.

Maybe it was just the slight overstock deal @CS back then, but I paid $20 per Persistence a few years ago. (Probably $25-27 without deal)
Seems like the main dealers are all spot on at $44.20 today.

Does this have to do with international trade stuff, or just plain old inflation?
Call me a little on the cheap side, but that seems to be approaching that premium price range.

Don't get me wrong, back in the day it was an incredible value tool for the price. I gave them to non knife people who beat the heck out of them for experiment, and they stood up really well.

Also for comparison, another value folder I gifted a few of was the Ontario RAT Model 1. These are very similar in build, country of origin, materials, and fit 'n finish. In 2012, I paid $31-33 respectively, and can readily find them today from $27-30 @KW

Just a curious observation. :shrug:

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