Opinions Wanted: Top 5 Best Spydercos

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Re: Opinions Wanted: Top 5 Best Spydercos

Postby ailevin » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:13 pm

A 3" blade is more than enough for my needs in a folding knife. I only have four Spyderco knives:
  1. Chaparral LW: my newest and current favorite carry either clipped or unclipped. Light and thin, it is disappears until I want it, and then I'm amazed at what a solid and excellent tool it becomes. In use it gives up a little in edge and ergonomics to the Sage (see below), but that is more than made up for by the way it slices and carries. With only 1/3" less edge, the Chaparral feels like less than half of a Sage 1 when folded.
  2. Sage 1: feels better in hand than any knife I own, but carries a bit large/heavy for my daily needs. I tend to use it for projects and around the house. The CF scales still look like new after seven years, and I'm very happy with deployment and liner lock mechanism
  3. Ladybug: I bought this to couple with a bladeless Leatherman Style PS; a surprisingly good cutter in a a small package. This combo gets a fair amount of pocket time .
  4. Executive C04P late 1980s vintage; this was a gift from my brother before I knew what a Spydeerco was, it has great sentimental value but gets little use.
  5. Not sure what's on deck. I am curious about Sage 5 LW, PM 3 LW, Chaparral CF, maybe a slip joint, but right now the Chaparal LW is scratching the itch pretty well.

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Re: Opinions Wanted: Top 5 Best Spydercos

Postby jonnieb » Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:46 pm

In no particular order:

Native 5

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