Commandments of Steel

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Commandments of Steel

Postby BRAM » Sat Apr 19, 2003 12:00 am

The Commandments approach. We will be training in Tel Aviv!! AGAIN!

I teach knife counter knife and in Israel I'm not PC as I am here..

The dates of the Commandments are June 13-14,, and travel sightsee 15-16.. I suggest you leave on June 11 arrive Tel Aviv 12th..train 13-14..then go to Old Jerusalem. Caesarea and Acko on the 15-16th.. home on 17th..You may come earlier and stay later..

You need to contact Yuval:

he has to book hotels in advance.. Hotel is $29 per day includes breafast..

Commandments are about $275 for training and sightseeing trip...

No whimpy "Oh its not safe".."i'm scared to go"..

you've got a better chance of getting in a car crash, hit by lightning or assaulted in the USA than to get zapped by terrorism in Israel..

I will be in Israel June 8-22...

see you all there


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