Satin Street Beats

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Satin Street Beats

Postby mishathepenguin » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:35 am

I'm lucky enough to be spoiled to live near to the SFO and have visited several times to get a handle on pretty much every one of Spyderco's new (and old) designs. My UKPK is probably my favorite knife ever, doing 100% of what I need it to do almost 100% of the time and apart from a Para 3 I don't find much use for locking folders even as much as I like goofing around with them.

Fixed blades are another matter, and I've accumulated a fair number of them and, while some of Spyderco's more... premium offerings are a bit out of my price range, I do find that I keep coming back to the Perrin-designed "Street" series, notably the Street Beat.

I'd have bought one in a heartbeat when I first got my hands on the LW version a few months ago -- simple, affordable, utilitarian, just the right size. While I know the grip is somewhat polarizing, I really like the positive feel (my other favorite is a Swick) and think it'd make a great addition to my travel and hiking gear.

Trouble is that black coating; I'm not much for the "operator" lifestyle and would much rather have a plain satin blade. Coatings wear and look crumby after a while, while satin blade is nice and smooth for the long run. I'm note sure about the "ceramic" coating on the Street series; apart from a DLC Para 1 I had years ago (that was, legitimately, tougher than nails) I've avoided coatings in all new knife buys.

Anyhow, short question for those in the know, can we ever expect to see a plain, satin-finished Street Beat Lightweight, or should I put my dreams to rest and be happy with my old Mora? I know Spyderco is working on a lot of interesting and new projects now, but this is one whose implementation I've seen come before and it doesn't seem terrifically complicated.

Sorry, I write a lot! Thanks for reading!

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Re: Satin Street Beats

Postby sal » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:42 am

Hi Mishathepenguin,

Welcome to our forum.

I'll pass on your request.


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