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Re: V-TOKU 2 Love

Postby awa54 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:18 pm

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Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:16 am
David, thanks for your response to my off topic comment. I know these are very well made knives with very good locks. To me the lockrock is an aesthetic/ haptic issue that I just don't like. I really like lockbacks and i think the Golden lockbacks have spoiled me with their smoothe and solid operation.

I agree 100%, if we could have revised lock geometry in the Sakai and Moki LB knives it would definitely make me even more enthusiastic about them. The lockup on my Manix LB is insanely precise and positive, my multiple Native LWs aren't far behind it either and don't even get me started on the Ti fluted N5 :D

My point was just that in terms of keeping your fingers safe the "inferior" lock on a Japanese Spydie is still *very* safe and when cutting with the knife you won't feel any slop in the blade as it's forced all the way back against the lockbar.

Kinda like the (insert company name here) lockback/mid-lock vs. Tri-Ad lock debate... we shouldn't let absolutes cloud our perception of "lesser" designs that are still excellent.

Remember that when BHQ did their lock strength tests the delica blade broke out of the knife before the lock released!

still more knives than sharpening stones...

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Re: V-TOKU 2 Love

Postby Tims » Fri Nov 29, 2019 2:54 am

Just thought I’d chronicle my experience with V-toku2 and chipping here, incase it helps anyone.

My ‘Toku Stretch came with a pretty messed up edge bevel. Partially unground tip and a 5-10mm, heavy burr at the heel.

On a new knife, I’ll usually keep the factory bevel for a while and maintain with a micro bevel before doing any heavy profiling. This one got the treatment straight up.

I have to be in the right mood to sit down and put time into sharpening. I wasn’t in the right mood and as a result, I rushed it.

My plan was to pull the bevel down to 12.5ish dps which I could then maintain at 15 dps on the Sharpmaker. Heavy steel removal was done with 120 grit SiC on my Hapstone. I usually avoid apexing at low grits but this time I did. I raised a small but full length burr then finished off with 240. I lost interest after that and put the knife aside.

A few days later I picked it up again to throw a micro bevel on it. Upon inspection though, I noticed some edge chipping. A loupe revealed in places it was pretty bad. 90% of the edge was fine so I carried it anyway.

I went about fixing it today. This time I heavily destressed the edge, avoided the big burr, used less pressure and apexed @ 400 grit. Same 12.5ish dps primary and 15 dps sharpmaker Fine micro. I don’t know which of the above variables made the difference but for now....

No chipping.

I might test edge stability tomorrow and see how it holds up.

Hope this helps anyone with chipping issues.

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