Final Four

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Final Four

Postby MichaelScott » Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:49 pm

We often discuss which knife or knives would we choose if we could only have X number of them. Well, I'm at the place in life where that's not really a theoretical question any longer. So, I've been reducing my choices to those final four Spydercos that I would like to have - a small, medium, and large folders, and a fixed blade.

I have three of the four nailed down: Roadie, Chaparral FRN and a recently ordered Manix 2 Lightweight. I have my own reasons for settling on these knives of course and don't expect my choices will meet everyone's approval, which is how it should be as we are all individuals.

I am now having fun with dithering over Spyderco's fixed blade offerings. I have plenty of time since I won't really need one and will likely just keep it as a favorite possession anyway. Any opinions in that direction are certainly welcome.

What might be your "final four" choices?
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Re: Final Four

Postby TriggerThumb » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:13 pm

Ladybug, dragonfly, delica, endura. Out of these I only own the ladybug, but the ocd in me had to list this set :)
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Re: Final Four

Postby Northglenn500 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:17 pm

For small, I think it would be hard to beat the Urban. For a do-it-all fixed blade, I think any one of the Mule Team knives would work. You can tailor the blade steel to what it is exactly you would be doing.

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Re: Final Four

Postby Sjucaveman » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:30 pm

Ladybug h1 se, dragonfly zdp-189, shaman pe
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Re: Final Four

Postby anycal » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:46 pm

Big fan of separating my folders into three categories - small, medium, large. I do have fixed blades, but none are :spyder: yet.

So if I had to choose only 'three'.... yeah, I can't choose just three :confused:


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Re: Final Four

Postby Spydergirl88 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:48 pm

Lil native, native 5, para 3, like to keep my 4th option open

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Re: Final Four

Postby Mushroom » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:56 pm

Pretty solid choice of four you've put together, Michael!

Seems as though you favor function and utility. I can't speak too much on Spyderco's fixed blades, as I only own the Temperance 2, but I'm interested to hear what you finally end up with!

For what its worth, the Junction is at the top of my fixed blade "want list" as a nice all around utility fixed blade.

My list - I would have a hard time actually reducing my collection to only 4 but...

Small knife - Squarehead
Medium knife - Lil Native - (Hard choice between this and the Cat for me)
Large knife - Spydiechef - (Another hard choice between this and the PPT)
Fixed blade - Junction - (Though I don't own it, it seems like a very good utilitarian fixed blade)

(I would likely end up with 5. PPT would have to make its way into my collection!)
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Re: Final Four

Postby vivi » Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:53 pm

Pretty easy choice for me.

Pacific Salt SE - Go to folder
Aqua Salt PE - Nice general purpose fixed blade, handles everything from utility to food prep to camp chores
Ronin 2 - Most frequently EDC'd Spyderco these days
Swick 3 - Compact, easy to carry fixed blade that sees a lot of carry time in the summer

There's not anything smaller knives do for me these don't, so I choose knives that offer a nice full grip.
Current carry rotation:

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Re: Final Four

Postby shunsui » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:13 pm

Oddly enough the last few knives I've bought seem like decent keepers if need be:

Busse DS8
Hinderer XM-24 Skinny
Spyderco S90V Ti CF Military
Insert latest Endura sprint here.

Good time to be buying knives IMHO.

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Re: Final Four

Postby ZrowsN1s » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:18 pm

I don't know how I would deal with only having 4 knives :D But OK I'll make some hard hypothetical choices.

No question on the first 3....
Fluted CF Native 5 S90V
Hawkbill Dragonfly SE H1
Yojimbo 2 all black S90V

That 4th one though.... probably...
Delica 4 Burnt Orange Hap 40
Para 3 cruwear
Blurple PM 2 S110V

And I don't have them yet, but maybe the Rhino, Hap40 wharnDelica, native salt, lil native...... :D
that's a hard question.
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Re: Final Four

Postby Tdog » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:24 pm

Dragonfly, Mantra, 204P Millie, and Spydie fillet...when it comes out. Until then the Sprig.
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Re: Final Four

Postby MichaelScott » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:43 pm

Wow! The variety here is amazing.
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Re: Final Four

Postby nicked.onaut » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:04 pm

Following your three folder/ one fixed mix:

1. Urban K390, for jurisdiction restrictions, non-locking sub three inch. A robust cutter regardless of jurisdiction
(Movie quote bonus pts quiz: " my jurisdiction is pretty much in your face.)

2. Native 5 fluted CF S90V/CPM154. The scales are 100% win, and I prefer this steel to the damasteel of the fluted CF 40th anniv. Native.

3. Pacific Salt 1 SE. The large rustproof dynamo

4. South Fork fixed blade. S90V green G10, refined classic design with broad outdoor and household/kitchen/BBQ utility.

I am pleased to be able to use and enjoy many other Spydercos without such restriction.

Note: I almost chose the Medium Spyderco as a new ClipiTool, but the "four Spydies" left room for a SAK as fifth. More tools and versatility then a ClipiTool, and besides, The Native Fluted CF S90V/154.

kind regards,
a n.on

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Re: Final Four

Postby restless ghost » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:10 pm

all black pm2
pakkawood hap40 delica
green hap40 caly
g10 dragonfly

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Re: Final Four

Postby attila » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:21 pm

Top 3 if all others had to be left behind:
SE H1 Dragonfly
Cruwear Para 3
S110V Manix LW

No Spydie fixed blade yet, so it would be a fixed 3.5" Z-wear one I made. If I must choose another Spydie, the HAP40 Endura gets this spot.
Own: Delica, yOld S30V Native, pointy Breeden Rescue, Delica, HAP40 Endura, ZDP DF2, S110V Manix LW,Pakka Delica, Cru-wear Para 3, SE H1 DF2, M4 Manix, HAP40 Caly 3, S90V Native 5, K390 Urban, Pakka DF2, Cruwear PM2, SE Pac Salt, HAP40 Jazzlica, S110V Native, P.I.T.S., DLC Manix, REX 45 PM2, Para 3, XHP Manix LW, SB Caly 3, 20CV PM2, Rhino, SB Calypso Jr., B70P, PMA11, K03, ZDP Stretch 2, Kapara, REX 45 Military, 154CM Manix LW, 204p PM2, Swick, SG Delica, BL Lil'Native, AEB-L Urban, HAP40 Stretch, KC Cruwear Manix,Cruwear Military, M390 PM2, Cruwear Delica, 4V Lil'Native, Mantra 2, CruCarta Shaman, M390 Para 3 LW, M390 Manix, K390 Police 4, RexWood Shaman, DLC Cruwear Shaman, Rex 45 Manix, Native 5, Native LW, 204p Para 3, S45VN PM2, S90V Manix LW, 20CV Manix, Rex 45 Lil’Native, Shaman, C208GP Cruwear Manix

Waiting for: SPY27, K490, Swick 5, and something purple

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Re: Final Four

Postby Hank Scorpio » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:26 pm

Finally joined after lurking for far too long. Might as well jump in and play along. Glad this is only hypothetical :D

Following the S-M-L-F pattern:

Small: Chaparral LW FRN
Medium: Native 5 LW S110V
Large: SpydieChef - (tough call... the Salt characteristics beat out the aesthetics of the Slysz Bowie and PPT, but hard not to list those two)
Fixed: Aqua Salt SE - (probably my top vote if the question were "which knife would you take into a zombie apocalypse" but I digress)
Currently enjoying the most pocket time:
:spyder: Sage 5 FRN, Watu :spyder:

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Re: Final Four

Postby PStone » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:38 pm

Small-Maxamet Native

Medium-PPT S90V

Large- Shaman PE

Fixed-I don’t currently own a fixed Spydie. But I hope a south fork someday.

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Re: Final Four

Postby Drewthebrave » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:03 pm

Small: Ladybug
Medium: Tasman Salt
Large: Sliverax

I don't have a fixed Spiderco, but my Morakniv Companion hasn't let me down yet.

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Re: Final Four

Postby GoldenSpydie » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:16 pm

small--Poliwog, medium--Jade M4 PM2, large--Chinook 1, and I'll replace the fixed blade with the Advocate.

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Re: Final Four

Postby Nate » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:17 pm

Only 4 :spyder:'s is impossible for me right now, but today I'll say:

Manbug Salt
Baby Horn
PM2 left hand
South Fork

Another day maybe...

Chaparral frn
Manix 2 Gray Cruwear
Military (lefty)
Respect Bowie :eek:

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