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Joyce Laituri
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Postby Joyce Laituri » Tue Feb 25, 2003 10:50 am

My personal favorites:

When you're swimmin' in the creek and an eel bites your cheek that's 'Amore'
- Fabulous Furry Freak Boys

Man who beat on own chest, knock self over backwards
-Sal Glesser

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Postby java » Tue Feb 25, 2003 10:55 am


Sex, mice, and Rock and Roll to you too!

That Kliban line is one of our household rules and has served as a foundation for raising several Javalings (provided you don't plant em too deep) Our rules are as follows:

1. NO DEAD BODIES!!! (Prime rule - most obvious!)

2. Never eat put anything larger than your head in your mouth. (Kliban inspired)

3. Never eat anything blue. (There are no naturally ocurring blue foods)

4. Always wear clothes that match your food!

5. Never come between Dad and his coffee!

Play by the rules and you won't get hurt!

...and yes, we love those small fur bearing mammals sometimes mistaken for a meatloaf!

<img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle border=0><img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle border=0><img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle border=0>

<font color="BLUE"><b>"A hole-less knife is a soul-less knife is a whole less knife" -Javanese proverb</b></font>

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Jenner 515
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Postby Jenner 515 » Tue Feb 25, 2003 11:19 am

--The knowledge that the administration of justice and fairness no longer matters, must move a man to reject all he has known and accepted, and risk becoming a pariah in the eyes of his peers. For to refuse that risk, to continue as he has, is to die within himself--

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Postby toothed » Tue Feb 25, 2003 12:13 pm

Do as I say...not, as I do. <img src="wink.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle border=0>

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Postby vampyrewolf » Tue Feb 25, 2003 2:20 pm

*Most days you're the statue, when you ARE the pigeon enjoy it.

*A wise man learns from other peoples mistakes. You don't live long enough to make them all yourself.

*I am so smart, S-M-R-T --I mean S-M-A-R-T(Homer)

*The future is varying shades of grey

*It is too late to worry about or fix yesterday, so who cares if hindsight is 20/20, no one gives a <font color=black>s</font>hit about yesterday (my father)

*Only 2 things are certain in life. Death and taxes. one can be avoided, the other can't. You make your choice based on where you live. (my grandfather)

*Stupid mistakes cause death. Good ones make taxes. The Gov't likes good mistakes. (my grandfather)

*Live everyday as if it's your last, cause if it's your first then you just got a real <font color=black>s</font>hitty start to life with today. (my grandmother)

*Weddings and funerals are identical. They both offer a chance of 2 things. 1> Family re-unions 2> Looking back on your life at what you've done, and either enjoying it or saying "oh <font color=black>s</font>hit" at your choices. (my aunt)

My Word, My Honour, is my Life.

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Sword and Shield
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Postby Sword and Shield » Tue Feb 25, 2003 9:18 pm

"Never eat anything bigger than your head", they say. Doh! I guess the 96 oz. Challenge at the Red River Cattle Co. in Cincy's out, then? <img src="tongue.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle border=0>

Never underestimate the impossible.

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Knife Knut
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Postby Knife Knut » Tue Feb 25, 2003 9:57 pm

There is no black,
there is no white,
there are only shades of gray.

What is good without evil?

Rules were made to be broken.

Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try. ~ Yoda

Knife Knut on a shoestring budget. <P>RKBA

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Postby lokelani » Tue Feb 25, 2003 10:26 pm

Great thread <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle border=0>

~How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on.

~Birthdays are good for you; the more you have, the longer you live

~Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.

~A woman has the last word in any argument.
Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

~Raising teenagers is Like nailing Jell-O to a tree.

~Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

~Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.

~When you fall down, you wonder what else you can do while you're down there.

~To realize the value of a friend:
Lose one.

~"Vegetarian - an old indian word for lousey hunter"

~Even if your on the right track, you'll get run over if you just stand

~Hang up and drive.

And, my favorite.....

"I wish that I knew what I know now...when I was younger."


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Postby GronK » Tue Feb 25, 2003 10:38 pm

As my dear old father used to say:

Wet Ducks Never Fly Backwards at Night.

Just 'cause yer paranoid don't mean someone ain't out ta getcha

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Postby ken » Tue Feb 25, 2003 10:54 pm

Well I use this around my fellow co-workers and it fits them real good!

"If I wanted to hear from an "A-HOLE" I would have farted"


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Postby Shiden » Thu Feb 27, 2003 6:29 am

"Fear causes hesitation, hesitation causes your worst fears to come true."


"There is no spoon..." Neo, the Matrix

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Simple Man
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Postby Simple Man » Thu Feb 27, 2003 7:34 am

“…tractors don't have to look like Ferraris” – Sal


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Postby pyton357ru » Thu Feb 27, 2003 12:58 pm

Ok, my turn now.

-Details MAKE difference.

- Don't afraid to ask stupid questions. You won't look smarter repeating old goofs.

-If fairy asks you "what do you want" - don't be shy - they never ask twice.

- Sheeple are friendlier then you think.

- There are only a few things, that will never be outdated. It's for YOU to make a list.

- If you don't know what to do - do anything. There always is a chance to do a right thing.

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