If I were upgrading the Delica

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Re: If I were upgrading the Delica

Postby dplafoll » Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:07 am

tvenuto wrote:
dplafoll wrote:I know that they're working on a LOT of possible handle materials for the Chaparral and that several of them haven't been viable. That research ought to yield some positive results at some point.
I held 3 of those in Amsterdam 2 years ago and I'll tell you it's a huge shame they didn't work out, several of them were very awesome.
Yeah I've seen Sal mention a few of them here and there in various threads. I'm super excited that they're doing the stainless steel version. Sal told me at Blade that the SS Delica/Endura are popular as gifts because they can be easily engraved, and now the Chap can be used that way. Plus it's a less-expensive version, which means it's another great option for a Spyderco at <$100.
I did see the kirinite prototypes at Blade and I hope those work out; they're very cool.
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Re: If I were upgrading the Delica

Postby APS » Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:29 am

Holzfaeller wrote:For my use, I would like a bit more of a hand-filling handle on the Delica.
That's what lead me to the Stretch, but I would prefer a Delica with the wider handle over the Stretch for my urban edc uses. If you look at the knife closed, there is still plenty of room to make the handle wider without making the knife wider in the pocket.

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Re: If I were upgrading the Delica

Postby Doc Dan » Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:16 am

My hands have not gotten that stiff yet. I hope never. So far, I love the Delica size. Knives like the Leek, and other slim knives are actually no slimmer than the Delica when you put them side by side. Yet, the Delica is a better knife with a better blade. I am not knocking Leeks (I have two) or other slim knives (I have several) but the Delica (and Caly3) really do it for me as far as how they feel in the hand and over all usefulness.
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