52100 Military, what are your plans?

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Re: 52100 Military, what are your plans?

Postby gunmike1 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:54 pm

Brock O Lee wrote:I find the 120 grit EP stone leaves a scatch pattern close to the typical primary grind factory finish. Also, if you 'scratch' the whole blade uniformly from spine to edge with whatever stone you use it looks neat and tidy, and not so much like a mangled backyard job (that it actually is! :D)

I took the 52100 down to about 1000 grit to try to improve the non-existent corrosion resistance.
I'm sure my Naniwa SS 400 and Aotoshi 2000 would pretty up the blade quickly after whatever rough stone I would use to do the heavy lifting. My Glasstones would work as well, but the mud from those Naniwas clean up the finish on blades pretty quickly. I doubt I'd do much beyond the SS 400 if I was to continue sharpening the knife to a zero, as it leaves a fair enough finish without taking a lot of time. I'd just want to set a clean edge for moving on to a microbevel, though as you say the corrosion resistance would be better with a finer finish.

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