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Re: Here's my wants - What's My Knife?

Postby 10SBUM » Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:26 pm

remnar wrote:For me, the Chap is definitely easier to open than the DF. The opening hole on the Chap is bigger and since the handle on the DF is smaller, it is more difficult to get a good grip for one handed opening. The Chap and the Cat are almost identical in closed length and width, but the Cat is a little thicker (.399 to .343 not including the clip). The width is a little hard to measure because of the curves but this is what I came up with using my caliper:

Cat: 1.425
Chap: 1.389
DF: 1.348
Thanks for that information and the specs on the width...maybe the Dragonfly just looks a little wider because of the curvature of the handle.

Really looking more and more like I'm gonna have to throw down that Benjamin to get the Chaparral :D


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