I think it's time for something a little bigger!

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Re: I think it's time for something a little bigger!

Postby Waco » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:09 pm

bornagainprimative wrote:I have an itch for a endura or maybe even a military or k2
I have a G10 Endura and a Millie. I like them both. The Endura is smaller and more comfortable to carry. The Millie fits my XL hand better and works with gloves. The Millie blade is a little longer and has more belly for cutting up a big piece of meat. From what I've seen on Youtube, the Millie will take more stupid abuse. The Endura has the weird blade tip that is supposed to be stronger and helps if you are cutting a rope or band around something and don't want to poke whatever is under the rope or band. I think the Endura is better for EDC. I'd rather have the Millie if I'm headed to the great outdoors.

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