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List your Spyderco's

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:54 am
by dgebler
Is it just me or do you find every time you see fellow forumites signatures does it seem like the number of knives grows exponentially. I don't know how some of you are getting away with this...I am constantly on the brink of trouble for my purchases.

Anyway, partially in response to the "less is more" thread I was wondering if any of you wanted to share your current arsenal (pics are always great too). I have been slowing down of late and trying to concentrate on my edges, but I have built a small collection of 20, with probably 10-12 in regular they are (in order of most used/carried)

1. Sage 1
2. Caly 3.5
3. Southard
4. Atlantic Salt Mod.
5. Yo2 Cuscadi scales
6. PM2 (Camo + Satin)
7. K390 Mule
8. Native CTS-XHP
9. Military (Camo + Satin)
10. Delica 4 FFG
11. Endura FFG
12. Vallotton
13. Grasshopper
14. Dragonfly Salt
15. Tenacious PE
16. Tenacious SE
17. Ambitious
18. Swick
19. PM2 S35VN brown
20. Calypso sprint

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:37 am
by xceptnl
Too many to list for now, but my signature line will hold my place until I can complete a list.

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:46 am
by Holland
1. Chaparral 1 s30v
2. Chaparral 1 XHP with custom scales
3. Chaparral 2
4. Caly 3 SuperBlue
5. Caly 3 ZDP 189
6. Dragonfly 2 ZDP 189
7. Dragonfly 2 H1 Salt
8+9. Native 5 forum s110v x2
10. Gayle Bradley
11. Gayle Bradley Air
12. Paramilitary 2 M390
13. Parramilitary 1 Serrated Edge
14. Southfork
15. MT 9
16. MT 17
17. Ladybug hawkbill Salt.

Wow that more than i thought i had haha.

some pics:







not completely up to date

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:05 pm
by dbcad
This should be a fun and (maybe?) useful excersize :) In no particular order:

1) PPT
2) Cento 3
3) Breeden Rescue
4) Endura Super Blue
5) Native XHP
6) Urban leaf
7) D'Fly ZDP
8) D'Fly H1 SE
9) Cricket SE stainless
10) Balance CF
11) VG-10 Damascus Mule
12) Super Blue Mule
13) Pingo
14) Bug
15) Caspian Salt

They all have something different to offer :D

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:31 pm
by yablanowitz
The last time I typed up a list of all my Spyderco knives, it wouldn't fit in one post. That was years ago.




I don't believe in the "less is more" theory. I believe in the "more is more" theory.

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:34 pm
by Holland
good to see how loved your caly3.5 SB looks :D

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:51 pm
by The Deacon
Best I can do is "one or more of each of the following":
  • C01 Worker
  • C02 Mariner
  • C03 Hunter
  • C04 Executive
  • C05 Economy/Standard
  • C07 Police
  • C08 Harpy
  • C09 CoPilot
  • C10 Endura
  • C11 Delica
  • C12 Civilian
  • C13 Pro-Grip
  • C14 Rescue
  • C16 Wayne Goddard
  • C17 Catcherman
  • C18 Wayne Goddard Jr.
  • C20 Baby Wayne Goddard
  • C21 Merlin
  • C22 Michael Walker
  • C23 Renegade
  • C24 BlackHawk
  • C26 Snap-It
  • C27 Jess Horn
  • C28 Dragonfly
  • C29 Cricket
  • C30 Remote Release
  • C32 Spur
  • C33 Pro-Grip
  • C34 Jess Horn II
  • C35 Q
  • C36 Military
  • C37 Michael Walker Lightweight
  • C38 Jess Horn Lightweight
  • C39 Dyad Jr.
  • C41 Native
  • C43 Delica II
  • C44 Dyad
  • C45 Rescue Jr.
  • C46 Bob Lum
  • C47 Endura II
  • C51 Rookie
  • C52 Calypso Jr.
  • C53 Peter Herbst
  • C54 Calypso
  • C58 JD Smith
  • C60 Massad Ayoob
  • C62 Navigator
  • C63 James A. Keating Chinook
  • C64 Meerkat
  • C65 Bob Lum Chinese Folder
  • C66 Frank Centofante Vesuvius
  • C67 R
  • C69 Lil' Temperance
  • C70 A.T.R.
  • C74 Ocelot
  • C75 Kiwi
  • C76 25th Anniversary Delica
  • C77 Spyderhawk
  • C78 Native III
  • C79 Assist Rescue
  • C80 Dodo
  • C82 D'Allara Rescue
  • C83 Ed Schempp Persian Folder
  • C84 Warren Thomas Karambit
  • C86 Spin
  • C88 Salt I
  • C89 Atlantic Salt
  • C90 Stretch
  • C91 Pacific Salt
  • C92 Kopa
  • C93 Navigator II
  • C94 UK Penknife (DK Penknife)
  • C95 Manix
  • C98 Poliwog
  • C101 Manix 80mm
  • C102 Dialex Adventura
  • C105 Ed Schempp Persian 75mm
  • C106 Tasman Salt
  • C108 Bi-Fold
  • C110 Chad Los Banos Lava
  • C112 Micro Dyad
  • C113 Caly3
  • C114 Howard Viele Phoenix
  • C115 Ralph Turnbull T-Mag
  • C117 Citadel
  • C118 Saver Salt
  • C119 Citadel Jr.
  • C120 Mariner Salt
  • C121 Embassy
  • C122 Tenacious
  • C123 Sage
  • C127 Urban
  • C131 Terzuola Slipit
  • C133 Bug
  • C137 HoneyBee
  • C138 GrassHopper
  • C141 Balance
  • C144 Caly 3.5
  • C152 Chaparral
  • C155 Centofante Memory
  • C162 Lil' Matriarch
  • C163 Pingo
  • CX11 Tim Wegner Mouse
  • FB01 Bill Moran Featherweight
  • FB02 Bill Moran Drop Point
  • FB04 Fred Perrin
  • FB10 Maddox
  • FB12 Vagabond
  • FB14 Swick
  • FB15 Fred Perrin Streat Beat
  • FB23 Aqua Salt
  • Jester
  • K01 Pro Culinaire Bread Knife
  • K02 Pro Culinaire Cooks Knife
  • K03 Pro Culinaire Carving Knife
  • K04 Pro Culinaire Utility Knife
  • K05 Pro Culinaire Small Utility Knife
  • K07 Pro Culinaire Flex Bone Knife
  • K08 Pro Culinaire Santoku
  • K09 Pro Culinaire Paring Knife
  • KX05 Sashimi
  • Ladybug I
  • Ladybug II
  • Ladybug III
  • Manbug
  • Mule Team
  • TC07 Tie Clip
  • T01 SpydeRench
  • 3001 Mini Mariner
  • 3002 SpyderKey (Hummingbird)
  • MN07 Mini Police Necklace
  • RL01 Ramco Laguiole
  • SC01 Eduard Bradichansky Spydercard
  • WTC World Trade Center Rescue

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:56 pm
by dbcad
Astounding Paul, and I know you display them well :)

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:03 pm
by Invective
Alright, my list that is in my rotation is as follows

SE Worker
CoPilot Black Al Sprint
SE 440V Military
SE 440V Native
Native 5 2013 Forum Knife
SE MeerKat
Centofante 4
Caly 3.5 Super Blue
Jester G-10
Ladybug ZDP
Ladybug Hawkbill H1

And I guess the Solo brand counts as well, so


for fixed blades, I've got in the kitchen

SE 6 Inch Utility
PE 6 Inch Utility
Mule Team 15 B75P
Mule Team 17 K390

And for outdoors use, I have a

Hossom Woodlander

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:25 pm
by nccole
Holland wrote:
not completely up to date
That white one may have a hole, but it is not fooling anyone :p

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:33 pm
by IG-88
176 :spyder: on the wall....

3001 - Mini-Mariner
B01PRB - Spyderfly Rainbow Anodized
B02GP - SmallFly G-10
B03P - Szabofly
C01PCOM - Worker Commerorative
C01S - Worker
C03PS - Hunter
C04P - Executive
C05P - Standard
C07 - Police PE
C07 - Police PE
C07CFS - Police Carbon Fiber
C07GS - Police G-10 Serrated
C08 - Harpy
C09BKP - Copilot Almite
C10JBBP - Endura Blue Jigged Bone
C10LP - Endura 4 Lightweight Parts
C10PBBK - Endura Black Blade
C10PBK - Michael Janich Endura
C10PGR - Endura Green
C10PGRBBW - Endura 4 Emerson Bayoushooter
C10PGRE - Endura 4 ZDP Racing Green
C10PRD - Endura Red
C10PSWH - Endura 4 White
C10TIDP - Delica 4 TID
C11JBBP - Delica Blue Jigged Bone
C11PGRE - Delica 4 ZDP Racing Green
C11PSWH - Delica White
C11PTI - Delica Titanium
C11SAF - Delica Black Blade
C12CFS - Civilian Carbon Fiber SE
C12GS - Civilian
C12PBN - Matriarch Brown FRN
C12SBK2 - Martriarch 2
C15P - Bob Terzuola PE
C15PS - Bob Terzuola PS Left-Handed
C16PGY - Goddard Grey Sprint Run
C22CFP - Walker Klotzli
C22CFPE - Michael Walker Carbon Fiber
C28CF - Dragonfly Carbon Fiber
C28POR2 - Dragonfly Orange
C29CFP - Cricket Carbon Fiber
C32P - Spur
C35PBK - Q
C35PBK - Q Flag
C36CFP - Military Carbon Fiber
C36GPE - Military
C36TIFP - Military Fluted Titanium
C36TIP - Military Titanium
C40P - Jot Singh Khalsa
C41GPGR5 - Native 5 Forum Knife 2013
C41GPSI - Native Root Beer
C41PPR - Native Forum Knife 2009
C41TIFP5 - Native 5 Fluted Ti
C46GBKP - Lum Tanto Folder Black
C46GPGY - Bob Lum Tanto
C46PS - Bob Lum Tanto
C48GP - Tim Wenger
C49GP - Tim Wenger Jr
C52P - Calypso jr
C54GPBN - Calypso
C55GP - Starmate
C56CFP - Zowada Carbon
C61 - Pegasus (CX01P) Experimental01
C64JPBRG - Meerkat Burgundy
C64PBK - Meerkat
C64PBK2 - Meerkat Reverse S PE
C64SBK2 - Meerkat Reverse S SE
C65FGPBK - Lum Chinese Folder Forrest Green Almite
C65P - Lum Chinese Folder Green Almite
C65S - Lum Chinese Folder Green Almite SE
C65TIP - Lum Chinese Folder Titanium
C66PBKI - Vesuvius Blue Paua Shell
C67GYP - R Almite
C69GP - Lil' Temperance
C69GP2 - Lil' Temperance Trailing Point
C70S - ATR
C71PTI - Salsa Titanium
C73GP - Impala
C75CFP - Kiwi Carbon
C75P3 - Kiwi 3
C79PSBK - Assist
C80CFP - Dodo
C80GPOR - Dodo
C81CFP2 - Paramilitary 2 Carbon
C81FGD2P - Paramilitary D2
C81GP - Paramilitary
C81GP2 - Paramilitary 2 G-10
C81GPBL2 - Paramilitary 2 G-10 Blue
C83GP - Persian Folder
C85GP2 - Yojimbo 2
C85GPBL - Yojimbo G-10 Blue
C90CFPE - Stretch Carbon
C90GFBLPD - Stretch Damascus Blue Nishijin
C92ACP - Kopa Apple Coral
C92CFP - Kopa Carbon Fiber
C92PBP - Kopa Pacific Blue
C92SWP - Kopa Stacked Wood
C94PBK3 - UKPK Lightweight
C94TIP - UK Pen Knife Titanium
C95CFP2 - Manix 2 XL Carbon Fiber
C95GP2 - Manix2 XL
C95GPFG - Manix
C98P - Poliwog
C101GFGXHPP2 - Manix 2 CTS-XHP Green Sprint
C101MP2 - Manix 2 Moonglow
C101PBL2 - Manix 2 Lightweight
C102P - Adventure Forum Knife 2005
C103G - P'Kal
C104BMP - Kris
C108P - Bi-Fold
C109SLP - S
C110P - Lava Forum Knife 2006
C111GP - Captain
C113CFPD - Caly 3 Damascus
C113CFPE - Caly 3 Carbon Fiber
C113GP - Caly 3
C113GPGY - Caly 3 Grey G-10
C115CFP - T-Mag
C116CFP - Superhawk Carbon
C117BKP - Citadel 92mm
C122GPGR - Tenacious Green
C123CFBAP - Sage 3 CF
C123CFP - Sage 1 Carbon
C123GPBL - Sage 3 Bolt Action
C123TIP - Sage 2 Titanium
C123WDP - Sage 4 Ironwood
C129CFP - Cat
C130CFP - Chicago
C131CFP - Terzuola Slipit
C132GP - Chokwe
C133 - Bug
C134CF - Gayle Bradley Carbon
C137P - Honeybee
C138P - Grasshopper
C144CFPE - Caly 3.5 CF
C144GP - Caly 3.5 G-10
C144GPGY - Caly 3.5 G-10 Grey
C145GP - Zulu Jens Anso
C146CFBBKP - Szabo Folder Blacked out
C148G - Tenacious PS
C149GP - Vallotton Sub-Hilt Folder
C152CFP - Chaparral
C152STIP - Chapparal Stepped Ti
C152TIP - Chaparral2
C153GP - Des Horn
C154PBK - Squeak
C154PPN - Squeak Pink
C155TIP - Centofante Memory
C156GBN - Brad Southard Flipper
C158TIP - Techno
C159GFP - Air
C161GP - Ulize
C172CFBTIP - Domino Blue CF
C172CFTIP - Domino
FB02P - Bill moran Droppoint Hunter
FB03P - Lum Tanto
FB04PBOD - Street Bowie
FB05P - Temperence
FB08 - Spot SE
FB11P - Kumo
FL01LF - Ladybug Photon Light
JGGYP - Jester G-10 Grey
K04PBK - Utility Knife
LFG - Ladybug Forrest Green
LFGP3 - Ladybug 3 Foliage Green
LGY - Ladybug Grey
LTNP3H1 - Ladybug Covert Tan
LWHS3 - Ladybug White Sprint
LYL3HB - Ladybug 3 Yellow Hawkbill
MGGYP - Manbug Grey G-10
MN07S - Mini Police Necklace
SC01 - Spydercard CE
T01P - Spyderench
WDKIT1 - Dragonfly Wooden Kit

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:10 pm
by Holland
nccole wrote:That white one may have a hole, but it is not fooling anyone :p
it has since been sold, terrible ergos ;)

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:15 pm
by xceptnl
yablanowitz wrote:I don't believe in the "less is more" theory. I believe in the "more is more" theory.
It is good to see you know what patterns work for you ....... then you buy them in bulk! Love the signs of use on the Calys and the Militarys. Two of my personal favorites as well.

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:18 pm
by wrdwrght

More than I thought. :o

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:50 pm
by Holland
You got all your bases covered Marc ;)

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:14 pm
by RadioactiveSpyder
Just about to hit the 200 mark... It just keeps going and going!

Here’s my list with numbers of each in parentheses (as accurately as I can tell). For the ones marked with an asterisk, I have a duplicate set of one model, usually one stock and one custom. ~10 or so ride in my current EDC rotation…

Baby Goddard (2)
Caly 3 (5*)
Caly 3.5 (4*)
Calypso (2)
Calypso Jr. (6)
Chaparral 1, 2, 3
Delica 2
Delica 4 (9)
Des Horn
Dodo (3)
Domino (2)
Dragonfly (3)
Dragonfly 2 (8)
Endura 4 (6)
Goddard (5)
Goddard Jr.
JD Smith (2)
Jerry Hossom Forester
Jester (6)
Ladybug 1
Ladybug 2
Ladybug 3 (10)
Lava (2)
Lil' Matriarch (2)
Lil' Temperance Leaf
Lil' Temperance Trailing Point
Lum Tanto
Manbug (4)
Manix (3)
Manix 2 (11)
Manix 2 XL (3)
Manix 80mm
Military (13*)
Moran Drop Point
Mule (7)
Native 2
Native 4
Native 5 (6*)
Navigator (2)
Paramilitary 2 (11*)
Pingo (2)
R 2
R 3
Rock Lobster
Rookie (2)
Sage 2, 3, 3 Rev.2, 4
Stretch (5)
Swick 3
UK Penknife (8)
Urban (2)
Yojimbo 2

Guess I am a fan of the “more is more” mentality currently.

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:03 pm
by ZL1
I'm down to just my Para 2 and a Sage 1.
I'd like to pick up the Blue Para 2 sometime

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:20 pm
by wrdwrght
Holland wrote:You got all your bases covered Marc ;)
The absence of a Delica or Endura niggles at me, Spencer, but your "less is more" idea will ease my pain...until, that is, one of those models comes out in some new Japanese supersteel.

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:31 pm
by eric m.
Szabo Lightning strike, Military(Ti, Cruwear, Blk combo-edge), Manix2xl(Reg., SV90),Manix2 DLC&Reg. combo edge, Manix Sprints(Blue SV30, Foliage green CTS-XHP, Tan CPM M4, black FRCP, blue FRCP), Para2(cammo w/blk blade, reg. w/custom tan scales, brown SV35), Stretch Original, Stretch FRN combo, Stretch Green ZDP, Superleaf(2), Vallotton, Gayle Bradley, Starmate, Impala, Ocelot, DominoCF, Caly 3.5 ZDP, Caly3 ZDP, Southard(brown), Sage(1,2,3,3.1,4), Chaparral(1,2,3), Native(Moonglow, Fluted Ti, 2013 Forum, G10, FRN brown CTS-XHP, FRN black), Techno, Leafstorm(2), Delica4 brn frn, Cat(CF, G10), Chicago, Dragonfly G10, Jester G10, Manbug G10, Baby Goddard(maroon), Ambitious(blue), Persistence(blue), Tenacious(black), Byrds Wings, and 2 spydies on preorder. :spyder:

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:53 pm
by OldSarSwmr
I have about ten that stay in the user EDC rotation and try to carry the others occasionally to show or just make me happy.

FB26 Bushcraft Maple Fac 2nd

FB20 Schempp Rock

FB20FBK Schempp Rock FFG

FB08 Spot

FB28WD Puuko

MT05 Mule Team MT05P

Mule CPM S30V Woodcraft

FB30G Phil Wilson Southfork

FB25BK Warrior

FB24BK Jumpmaster X2

FB31SBK Enuff sheepsfoot

FB31YL Enuff H1 sheepsfoot

FB03BRG Lum tanto sprint

C104 Kris (X2)

C83BM Persian

C83GRD Persian Red

C105 Persian 75mm (X2)

C83G2 Persian 2

C105G2 Persian 2 75mm

C141CF Balance CF

C141 Balance SS

C124 Barong

C125 Khukri

C117BK Citadel AO 92mm

C121B Embassy AO

B02 Smallfly

B02 Smallfly trainer

C36TIF Military fluted Titanium

C36TI Military Ti (flamed)

C36GBK Military black blade

C36GCMOBK Military black blade digi scales

C81GBK2 Para 2 black blade

C81GBK2 Para 2 all black

C81GCMOBK2 Para 2 black blade digi scales

C132G Chokwe (X2)

C65CF Lum CF

C143G Large Lum

C07 Police SS

C07G3 Police III G10

C51 Rookie

C41 Native SS

C41TIF5 Native 5 Ti fluted

C101G2 Manix 2 G10 (X2)

C101GBBK2 Manix 2 G10 all black (X2)

C101BL2 Manix 2 lightweight

C95G2 Manix XL

C75SS3 Kiwi 3 SS

C75ST3 Kiwi 3 Stag

C58G JD Smith

C134CF Gayle Bradley

C90CF Stretch CF

C90 Stretch kraton inset

C135PPT Perrin PPT

C145G Zulu

C111G Captain

C139G Breeden Rescue (X2)

C103G P'kal

C10 Endura SS

C10GYW Endura wave

C10F Endura ffg orange

C11 Delica SS (X2)

C11GYW Delica wave

C11F Delica ffg orange

C11G Delica sprint green G10

C11TIPD Delica Ti damascus

C122G Tenacious

C122 Tenacious Blue

C122 Tenacious Green (X2)

C122GBBK Tenacious all Black

C142G Resilience

C148G Ambitious

C136G Persistence

C144G Caly 3.5

C113CF Caly 3 CF

C113CFPD Caly 3 Damascus

Calypso Jr.

C14 Rescue Clipit

C131 Bob Terzuola Slipit

C97BMP Howard Viele II

C147CF Navaja (X2)

C149G Vallotton

C129G Cat

C130G Chicago

C154BK Squeak

C153G Des Horn (X2)

C123CF Sage 1

C123TI Sage 2

C123GBL Sage 3

C123WD Sage 4

C48 Wegner LG

C01 Worker

C79 Assist

C79BBK Assist all black

C138 Grasshopper

C137 Honeybee (X2)

C133 Bug

C152CF Chaparral

C152TI Chaparral Ti

C29 Cricket SS

C28 Dragonfly SS (X2)

C28BKS Dragonfly FRN SE

C28GF Dragonfly Nishijin

C28OR2 Dragonfly FRN orange

C150G DiAlex Junior

C128G Leaf Storm

C60G Massad Ayoob

C126G Rock Lobster

C140G SuperLeaf

C17PSGRBK USN Catcherman

C85G2 YoJimbo2 (X2)

C102 Adventura

C63G3 Chinook 3

C11JBO Delica Damascus Orange

C11JBB Delica Damascus Blue

C73G2 Impala

C92JBP Kopa jigged bone

C92GBP Kopa Giraffe bone

C46 Lum Tanto

C46GGY Lum Tanto sprint

C99 Volpe

C16BRG Wayne Goddard burgundy

C16 Wayne Goddard lightweight

C16OD Wayne Goddard OD sprint


C56CF Zowada

C70 A.T.R.

C59CF Shabaria

C10GRBBW BayouShooter Endura

C50 Centofante

C66BK3 Centofante III

C66BK-4 Centofante IV

C155TI Centofante Memory

C96GP Spyker

C22CF Walker ZDP-189

C84 Karambit

C21 Merlin FRN

C67GF R Nishijin

MGGY Manbug G10

C116 Superhawk

C157GTI LionSpy

C10JBB Endura Damascus Blue Jigged bone

LSSP3 Ladybug SS

C91BBK Pacific Salt


C80GOR Dodo orange

C80CF Dodo carbon fiber


C12BK2 Matriarch II

C12BK2W Matriarch Waved

C162BK Lil Matriarch

C26 Snap-It EMT

C151GTI Tuff (X2)

C158TI Techno

C118YL Saver Salt

C89YL Atlantic Salt


C127OR Urban Orange

C159GF Bradley Air

C55 Starmate original

C55G Starmate new version (X2)

C163BK Pingo black

C163OR Pingo orange

C164GBN Nilakka

C161G Ulize

C146CF Szabo folder

C156GBN Southard flipper (X2)

C54GBN Calypso brown G10

C113GGY Caly3 gray G10 superblue

C115CFP T-Mag

C166 Equilibrium SS

C173G Hungarian Folder

C90GFPD Stretch sprint

C40G Jot Singh Khalsa sprint

C110GBL Lava sprint