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Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2013 6:40 pm
by nozh2002
Currently situation on knife market is like in Soviet Union - most of the knives produced are made out of poor quality steels which no one want to have, however industry refuse to go into well known high performance steels but rather keep wasting materials and resources on low performers. Sometimes however they made knives out of good steel but in such low number that they are no really available.

Like Spyderco throw recently bone to hungry dogs - made limited run of Military with Cruwear steel, which disappear right when it was posted. I can hear cry about how hungry dogs love their master who gave them this small but tasty bone, which only few got to taste...

However question is what really keep industry from feeding dogs on the regular basis and just produce quality knives for everybody for reasonable price? There are a lot of steels now which are way way better then what is in use - what does prevent this steel coming on the market? This is not healthy economy or free market at all this is like it was back in Soviet Union where we was feed when our masters were pleased to do this. We are not a slaves! WTF!

In result good knives are not available and cost like they are made out of gold. This is pretty sweet deal for knife industry but they just milk knife enthusiasts! This is really disgusting. Early 2000 it was quite different, new good steel went into production quite faster and became available for everybody in year of so - like CPM 440V, but now it is all under control. No fun, no exploration, nothing - all about making money on people passion. Knife World destroyed and turned into some crazy hysterical soviet like marketplace, some paddock with hungry dogs liking master hands for little bone...