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Allen E. Treat

Spyderco "Cricket" clip-it

Postby Allen E. Treat » Tue Dec 26, 2000 1:00 am

I just wanted to let other "Cricket" owner(s)

how fortunate they are to own this particular

model; I find a million uses for mine and dare any other knife manufacturer to come up

with any like inovative product. It's light

weight ( 1.25oz ) make me often forget I have

it on me ( until I need it ), mine having the

"Spyderedge" gives this diminutive blade

extraordinary cutting power. I am sure that it will provide me with an adequete self-defence if ever called upon. Note : I own many knives, but it's the "Cricket" that

I always carry ( I was once told by a former

Navy SEAL that the best knife is the one you

always have on you ). I welcome any input from owner's and potential owner's of the "Cricket".

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Postby sal » Tue Dec 26, 2000 12:51 pm

Hi Allen. Welcome to the Spyderco forum. thank you also for the kind words regarding the Cricket.

It was actually a difficult model to work out all of the little "bugs" (pardon the pun).

We've made the model in Aluminum and Carbon Fiber as well as FRN.

Now the subject is "in the air";

Who thinks what about an Almite version or FRN version in colors?


Paul Work
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Postby Paul Work » Tue Dec 26, 2000 1:07 pm

Colored Crickets would be cool. Maybe hunter/forest green.


Leo Daher
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Postby Leo Daher » Tue Dec 26, 2000 1:33 pm

I think FRN in colors would be great (nothing against basic black, mind you). I really love my Matriarchs in grey.


Leo Daher

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Postby dsvirsky » Tue Dec 26, 2000 4:40 pm

An Almite version to go with my Tuffram Cricket? Too cool!

Colored FRN (plain edge, please) would also be very welcome.


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Postby jyork » Tue Dec 26, 2000 5:03 pm

Sal now you did it. YES a definate YES, in any color. I have several other spyderco's with the almite handles and like them very much. Please, please Sal don't make me beg. I love my Cricket, carry it almost everyday. A larger selection to choose from would be awesome.


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Postby Blades » Tue Dec 26, 2000 8:26 pm

An Almite version sounds nice. I like the aluminum Cricket, the FRN one is just too light for me. Let us know when there on the way.


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Postby FREDERIC K » Wed Dec 27, 2000 7:58 am

Sal, I really think both versions (almite and colored FRN) would be a great idea, but...
... I was about to buy a plain edge one and now I can't wait for these "improvements" !!
Really adore what you do.
Never was disappointed by one of your knives.
So, why can't I own them all ???
Life is so cruel....

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Postby mario » Thu Dec 28, 2000 4:15 am

Hi Sal,
Just new in this forum.
Let me first say that Tuf Cricket plain has been my very first Spyd, and I loved it from the first time, because is usefull,small, but expecially doesn't look scary to the
non-knivers(office collegues, wife,etc...)and in the case it's to make some damage. Now, almite and colours? Oh yeah! Because the less scary is a knife, the more you can have it with you, everywhere...

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Postby patogordo » Wed Jan 03, 2001 10:39 am

I would love both de models colors maybe military green o dark blue, and the original black <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>

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Postby rvo3vom » Wed Jan 03, 2001 3:12 pm

Hi Sal,
I just got a CF Cricket and love it!
I was going to get an FRN in black (and maybe still will) but if you go with the Almite in the same green as the Lum Chinese Folder I'm sure it will sell like wildfire.
Mark me down for one of each blade style.
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Postby David » Thu Jan 04, 2001 4:12 pm

I would love to have a "Cricket" in Almite as well. I have one in FRN but think it is to light.

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Postby cutler34 » Sat Jan 06, 2001 6:09 pm

An FRN in Blue would be the answer to my wifes dreams.I'd like one and I know my customers would.Plain edge of course.

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Postby SharpeML » Wed Jan 10, 2001 9:21 pm

I would love to have the aluminum Cricket's back but the Almite would be nice too.

sam the man..
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Postby sam the man.. » Thu Jan 11, 2001 10:18 am

Almite cricket? Yeah! I'd love one!! <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle> Coloured FRN? Wow! That'll be cool!!


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