New Native 5 impressions...

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New Native 5 impressions...

Postby MIL-DOT » Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:53 pm

( Like a complete bonehead, I first posted this in the picture-forum.....yet have no picures !!! Obviously, I meant to place it here......DOH !!!! :rolleyes :)

First, thanks again to forum memebr bh49 for the heads-up on the best deal going.
And thumbs-up to Cuttlery Shoppe for the muy rapido shipping ( and the two Tootsie rolls were a nice, albiet wierd,touch )
And finally, props to U.S. Postal for getting this thing from friggin' Idaho to Georgia in less than two buisness days ( ordered Friday morning, arrived Monday morning) !! I've long been a fan of U.S. Postal over the competition, but they outdid themselves on this run.
Anyway, I can't call this a proper review, as I'm simply not qualified, and those that are have done them already, so this is more of one of those "Yay,looky what I just got in the mail" /general impression kinda posts (What? You got somewhere else to be?? )
Anyway,as expected,the knife is immaculate, and oozing, even dripping, nay, dare I say BURSTING with quality. It would have to be an anvil to be any more solid. I've read of a couple reports of some showing up with a gritty action, and less than satisfactory blade edges, but none of these issues with this one ( no surprise, I'm sure any problems are still rare exceptions).
All edges are absolutely smooth and clean, the seams on the back are so well fitted, they're virtually invisible. Every line is as perfectly symetrical as imaginable. I'm going to say the factory edge falls somewhere between "scary" and "razor". The knife blade locks into place with the loudest, and most solid,crisp "click" I've ever heard on a knife. There's no blade play whatsover, and I doubt seriously that there EVER will be. I don't think I could break this knife in half on a bet.
Ergonomically, (IMHO) the knife is a tiny bit "off", ( yet still more than acceptable) when holding it by just the handle, but when choking up on it a bit,utilizing the choil under the blade base, it almost melts in your hand. Very secure,very good traction,leverage,and skin-to-knife contact.
Something that surprised me,though, I bought this because I wanted a nicer, higher-end version of something like my Persisitence, but the similarities are SO striking,( design-style,weight,dimensions) that it's almost anti-climactic. I mean, I just bought a $200-retail knife, dropping more money than I ever have on a knife, and I just about can't tell it apart from one that cost me less than $30 ,LOL !! I'm not complaining, in fact,I thought it was sort of amusing, but I'm sure you take my point. Except for the fact that I know in my head how sweet this piece is, it's still a little like I never got a new toy,at all. ( Of course, now I'm just whining.)
Also, oddly, though I've long been, and still am,a fan of smallish/medium blades, after playing with this, I could now see myself heeding the advice of many of you, and getting a Para-Military2,after all. It's almost like this rock-solid "little" knife is begging to be bigger and beefier. Or maybe......that's just my subconscious trying to talk me into yet another toy I don't need !!
Anyway, enough rambling, thanks for listening.........

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Postby Tdog » Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:04 pm

Para 2 is calling you. It's just a matter of time. :D You won't be sorry. The compression lock on this is just plain fun. Add to that some great g10 and S30v or other if you prefer and you have..........voila....a classic :spyder:

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Postby Evil D » Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:13 pm

You will bow in the aura of the Para is inevitable.

Oh, and on the "feels weird gripped this way" thing, that's a common thing with not only the Native but IMO pretty much all Spydies that have 50/50 choils. They all feel more comfortable one way or another. Knives like the Caly 3 (and all of it's "offspring"), the Native and the original Paramilitary are definitely designed around a choil/saber grip, while the Manix 2 i felt was designed with the choil being a secondary option to a standard grip, because it felt weird choked up. I'm sure this all varies from person to person. They seem to have taken this into consideration with the Para 2, as it's a lot more comfortable gripping behind the choil, but it still melts into your hand when choked up on.

Oh, and the biggest difference between your two knives is the steel and IMO quality of the lock. The new mid lock is a pretty sweet design and IMO much more refined than the liner lock.

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Postby coonan » Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:23 pm

I picked up a N5 a few weeks ago and found the fit and finnish to be - well could not be better than it is. It is built like a bank vault !! Love it.

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Postby Perry » Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:26 pm

Yeah, you must get the Para-2, it's bigger, definitely not beefier. It's more like a big sister to the Native-5. The Native-5 is now my favorite Spyderco knife. -P

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Postby bh49 » Tue Dec 06, 2011 6:24 am

Evil D wrote: the biggest difference between your two knives is the steel and IMO quality of the lock. The new mid lock is a pretty sweet design and IMO much more refined than the liner lock.
Also, for me personally the huge difference is country of origin. I am proud owning every knife made in Golden.
Evil D wrote:You will bow in the aura of the Para is inevitable.
True. It is great knife. I like it much more than original para. Still Native5 my favorite Golden made knife :) .
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My top choices Natives5, Calys, C83 Persian

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Postby chuck_roxas45 » Tue Dec 06, 2011 6:38 am

So how is the s35vn? Any feedback?

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Postby MIL-DOT » Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:09 am

chuck_roxas45 wrote:So how is the s35vn? Any feedback?
Nothing much from me, I haven't cut anything with it yet but one finger and one knuckle :D .

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