How did you make acquaintance of Spyderco?

Discuss Spyderco's products and history.
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Postby spydieman » Tue Apr 30, 2002 7:14 am

The first <img src="spyder.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle border=0> that caught my eye was the Endura SE in Cliffhanger. Shortly after seeing the show I found a Delica in a Scuba shop in Okinawa, where I was stationed at the time. The Delica became my EDC for 8 years. After finding the Delica I wanted to collect the whole clip-it series. I am a little behind but I have a decent little collection. My wife has never really understood my addiction but has been supportive. After my most recent purchase, a native lightweight, even my 12 year old son started giving me a hard time for buying a $60 knife and bragged about his $5 Delica copy, then a couple of weeks later he brought his $5 dollar copy and asked me "Dad, is there any way to keep the blade from flopping when you shake the knife?" I just had to laugh and tell him to buy a <img src="spyder.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle border=0> next time. What a feeling.


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Postby gadfly » Tue Apr 30, 2002 3:19 pm

My first contact with Spyderco was many years ago, with their sharpening ceramics. I used to go to woodworking shows and bought most of their stuff.

After several years, the Spyderco rep started bringing Spyderco knives to the woodworking shows. I thought they were kind of gimicky.

After that, but still many years ago, I witnessed an encounter between an agressive and obnoxious drunk and an off-duty law enforcement type. The LOE was carrying what turned out to be a Civilian. He used the knife to control his attacker by ending up behind the individual with the Civilian hooked over his arm. This knocked my socks off. I spent many years looking for the knife that I recognized as a Spyderco knife.

One day, while traveling through Boulder, CO, I decided to visit the Spyderco factory outlet in Golden (I had planned to visit the factory, but Spyderco wasn't set up for that).

Once I described the knife to SFO, they showed me the Civilian. What a knife!

When I asked why I couldn't ever find the Civilian, the SFO folks explained their "White Hat" policy - Only good guys should be able to get Civilians - Bad guys should not.

I bought my first Military and my addiction began.

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Postby mnblade » Wed May 01, 2002 7:48 am

I have a vague recollection as a kid of reading an article in (I think) Blade where Bob Loveless (or one of the other popular bladesmiths of the day) said that, if he were working around docks all day, cutting rope and such, he'd carry a serrated Worker knife from a newer company called Spyderco. I thought this odd and, when I later saw a picture of the knife, even odder. What a gimmick, I thought at the time.

Well, years went by and I was living in Europe. An American buddy and I got to talking about knives in a pub. He pulled out a stainless serrated Worker and a stainless plain-edged Police. These things are AWESOME, I thought. Rock solid materials and construction, and you could carry either (or BOTH) easily accessible, without them clunking around at the bottom of your pocket. For years my "big knife" was a beat up Schrade LB7 but I'd quit carrying it because it was so heavy and bulky. After seeing my buddy's Spydies up close I did a little research, hitting all the cutlery shops in town and buying a copy of Tactical Knives. It wasn't until I moved home to the States that I finally picked up a 50/50 Delica. Got a lot of use out of it but eventually traded it off and picked up a plain-edged Endura. Use it all the time.

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Joyce Laituri
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Postby Joyce Laituri » Thu May 02, 2002 11:43 am

Great thread. My husband (a graphic artist for a printing company) was printing Spyderco's artwork about 10 years ago. I'd heard of the knives and seen pictures but never held one. We were both fixed-blade fans at the time.

Spyderco invited my husband's company to their Christmas party. Imagine a total newbie at a party with 100 Spyderpeople opening/closing and comparing knives, talking steel, tossing around prototypes and cutting food with various blades. It was surreal, kind of strange and really, really fun. I was hooked and went to work for them a year later.


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Postby scolby » Thu May 02, 2002 1:32 pm

I had seen those funny, cool-looking serrated knives with stainless handles in the windows of some cutlery shops. I was passing by a Hoffritz Cutlery shop that was going out of business. I always thought that those Spyderco knives were too expensive. But Hoffritz was having a sale, so I bought one of the original Spyderco Standard models, fully serrated. That was in 1989.

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Postby Chuck Smith » Mon May 06, 2002 8:24 am

My first Spyderco was a steel Police Model...still have it! I was a Deputy Sheriff for 11 years and carried it almost exclusively.

I had the scales engraved by a jewelry shop and it added a neat touch of individualism to the knife...also set it apart from the ones my buddies carried. That was in the early 80's....and I have been using them every since.

I will admit that they are my favorites....but still carry some Cold Steel folders as well...The extra large PE "Voyager" and a Vaquero Grande. I had misplaced my plastic Pro-Grip for several lovely wife found it and now I'm happy.

Spydies I own:
My original "Police Model"
Large and small orange "Rescue" w/polished clip
Several Delica's and Endura's w/both PE and SE...both old and new clip designs
Original "Worker"
Plastic Pro-Grip
Large "Wayne Goddard"
"Jess Horn" SE w/black micarta
ATS 34 SE "Military"
Steel "Harpy"
Carbon fiber "Civilian"

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Postby earthworm » Wed May 08, 2002 12:36 am

Read about 'em in ASG & Combat Handguns.Saw a 50/50 Delica at a gunshow,handled it & been sold every since.

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Postby patogordo » Wed May 08, 2002 10:28 pm

While buing ammo in home (Guatemala) saw a big display of wierd looking knives, and could´nt resist the temptation of tring one, since then i have been buing one, now with my mba finshed have extra cash to buy more of them.

I want all }{

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Postby lokelani » Thu May 09, 2002 4:52 pm

I met Sal & Gail (thru a mutual friend) many moon ago on one of their trips to Hawaii. They introduced me to the SharpMaker and gave me my first knife,.....a Worker. I remember asking them "What's the big ole hole in the blade for?" Ha! I am now spoiled and am the proud owner of several models (Forum Military, Spur, Almite Walker, several "Q's", Lightweight Jess Horn, Delica, Micarta Jester, SpyderCard, and more). Next purchase will be the Spot.
Who'd have thunk I'd be working for the company after all this time <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle border=0>

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Postby Alan2112 » Sun May 12, 2002 1:44 am

Local gun& knife shows, less then 10 yrs. ago. RKBA!

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Postby Gallaghe » Sun May 12, 2002 8:39 am

Saw an associate of mine with one several years ago and knew right away that I saw the light.

The only folder which I want outside of Spyderco is an Emerson with the wave opening. Other then that it's all Spyderco.

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Postby java » Sun May 12, 2002 4:02 pm

Air Force buddy and I were walking through the BX on Wright-Patterson AFB and they had Enduras a’la clampack for minor ducats. My buddy said they were great knives and we both bought one on the spot. Carried that rascal through thick and thin every day for five years before some one swiped it from the clean-room at work when I was gowning up one day. Felt naked so I bought a Millie and a G10 Rookie the next day at Carswell AFB. Got serious about collecting Spydies last November.

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