'10 deica

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'10 deica

Postby ChaosSpear » Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:19 am

For those who don't know, I have been a recent :spyder: fan, just getting my first knife in January.

But I have excitedly awaited the '10 delica models for some time know. But I had recent absence, being busy with everything. But I am back now, and I was interested in these guys. I know they are/ were out. But where are they available, if they still are.

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Postby ChapmanPreferred » Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:47 pm

Good answers BB S4.
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Postby bohica1998 » Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:13 pm

Try here:

http://www.knifeworks.com/spydercodelic ... ndles.aspx

http://www.knifeworks.com/spydercoendur ... ndles.aspx

If you call first, they WILL check and make sure they have it on hand and in stock before you buy.

Hmm, links weren't working, but I redid them. Anyway, Knifeworks has them for sale.
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Capt. Carl
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Postby Capt. Carl » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:27 pm

Will there be a flat ground delica wave?

Rick Grimes
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Postby Rick Grimes » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:43 pm

Capt. Carl wrote:Will there be a flat ground delica wave?
Thats what I want too.
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