Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

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Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

Postby axis27 » Sun Mar 03, 2002 1:00 am

Hey guys, will the stones for the sharpmaker 204MF work in the 204? I own a 204 and needed to replace my mediums and I was hoping to replace with 204mf stones if they will work. Thanks

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Postby liko » Mon Mar 04, 2002 12:05 am

The 204MF is simply Spyderco's number for the Model 204 complete with medium and fine grit stones. They're the same sharpener.

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Postby Gary » Mon Mar 04, 2002 10:23 am

Ahhhhh... I see! Maybe that's why some girls carry Spyderco's... They're smart!


The Stare
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Postby The Stare » Tue Mar 05, 2002 12:00 am

Hi all. Been out of circulation for a long time. Not sure I'm really ready to try to get back into it.

Read a few threads from a month ago, and a few from today, and this one. Can't help but ask if Sal's participation is at previous levels or different? Haven't come across a single one from him.

Finally, FINALLY, ordered a Sharpmaker today. Have looked at them on a couple vendor sites, haven't looked at Spydie store yet. What's the poop on the diamond sleeves? Seem to recall that January was used as probable issue date for them, but haven't seen any???



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J Smith
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Postby J Smith » Tue Mar 05, 2002 12:29 am

They are listed in the online store.100.00 bucks if I remember.

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Postby nomaded » Tue Mar 05, 2002 12:59 am

There are a few online stores with the 204D rods for sale; some are lower than the MSRP. Given more time, I'm sure more stores will be carrying them, if you don't like the MSRP that Spyderco is charging.

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