Got a Native III today!

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Got a Native III today!

Postby MikeSSS » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:37 am

The new Native III a black FRN PE knife and it's a beauty.

The few Native III's I've handled have been somewhat stiff, so was this one but it was easily remedied. After pivot rivet tapping, back spring lightening and smoothing the inside of the handle, mostly at the points, this Native III is even smoother and will be smoother still after a few thousand openings and closings (I love that part). The blade was pretty sharp but it got a short touch up on old school crock sticks and now it slices paper like a demon.

The Native III is slightly larger and slightly heavier than the Wal-Mart Native sitting next to it right now, at least it looks that way. The N III's handle is a little thicker, wider back to belly and maybe longer too. Overall length is a bit more than the WW Native. The III's blade looks a bit wider back to belly, even the Spyder hole seems a bit larger.

Both are extremely handsome knives and both have that superb Spyderco quality, fit and finish and attention to detail. Well, it's more than that, both hold, open and close extremely well, and of course they cut just as well too. Heck, they even carry in the pocket extremely well. It's the design that just kicks a_ _. I love old school knives but these new fangled knives are just better at being knives.

In the hand the two Natives feel the same and yet different by a small amount. Looking at them side by side is a joy as is playing with them. There is one fly in the ointment though, the decision which to carry. The only sensible solution seems to be ........ carry both.

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Postby tomoto » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:39 am

congrats on your native !! hope you two have a good life together hahahhah
got any pics? :D

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Postby WhiteWillie » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:54 pm

Cograts Mike. I have the satin PE Native III and love the design. I son is beginning to share my interest in quality koves. He's 33 years old and I'm going to get him a Native III or IV for his upcoming birthday.
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Postby OuchThatsSharp » Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:24 pm

Congrats on your Native III! My favorite Spyderco...well, I'm really liking the Native IV alot though.
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Postby Mancer » Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:15 pm

Ye the Native III is my favorite across the board for all my EDC's

The FRN handle shape is amazing, I love the jimping on the FRN upper and the top of the blade, the spyderedge as per usual is scary sharp and I've always loved VG-10.

Cheers n congrats

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Postby dialex » Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:26 am

Congratulations on your new Native. Enjoy it, it's a fine knife.
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Postby MikeSSS » Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:32 am

Thanks guys.

Native IV, yeah, everybody needs one of those.

I went back to the "gun" show the next day and got a 1975 Case Slimline Trapper, used but excellent Griptilian 555 with the oval hole and an Opinel No. 8 au Carbon.

After using the oval hole you surely can see why Spyderco uses round holes.

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